This year, Virgo, you have a hard time surpassing yourself, getting out of your comfort zone, facing your fears. There are things that have stood you more than others … You still have a long way to go, but there is no doubt that this year 2019 has posed many challenges to your life. 2019 for all was a year of closing the chapters, of abandoning all those relationships that no longer work well in our lives, of trying to overcome this past that torments us so much. But you, on top of that, Virgo, went further and learned things more related to your self-esteem and your self-confidence.

This year, you have learned that even if you do it right, it doesn’t mean it will go wrong. And not for that, you have to get angry, get angry, blame yourself and treat everyone, even yourself, without respect. Recognize it, Virgo, in this regard, you were a little dramatic. When something went wrong or got out of your control, you could make it into a circus. But now that has changed. Now you have learned not to take things for granted and that something is not going the way you want it does not mean it will go wrong.

Without a doubt, something you also learned this year, the Virgin, was to drop all those relationships that were stagnant and that you didn’t like at all. But also, to take care of all those people who are by your side and who need your help. This year, you are much more connected to your emotions and what your heart feels. You have left behind many fears related to your more emotional side.

Virgo, you are an emotional person and finally this year, you have learned to highlight a small piece of this big heart that you keep in your chest. This year, you have learned to have a more open mind about the ideas related to your family and the people you live with every day. You have learned to control your character and not think badly of others. You have taken a big step, Virgo, and there is no doubt that everything you have learned this year will put it into practice in 2020.


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