For you, 2019 has been a very special year, Leo, both for all the good that you have experienced and for the worse … You have matured a lot and you have become a person totally different from what you were at the beginning of the year. This year, you have learned a lot and thanks to them, your way of seeing the world has changed. All in all, 2019 was a year of closing the chapters, leaving behind relationships and people who have brought nothing and overcoming the past. But for you, Lion, 2019, has meant a lot of bad things.

This year, you have realized that life can change in an instant. This is why you have learned to tell your people how much they mean to you whenever you have the opportunity. Normally, Lion, you were a person who had no problem expressing his feelings, besides, it was something that you liked and that when you did it, you felt full. But, the problem was that many times you forgot or took it for granted that this person already knew how you are heartfelt for him.

You took for granted something that was really not like that. This year, you have realized that it costs you nothing to remember how much you love your people and that it is worth saying “I love you”.

But no doubt, Lion, this year you have also learned that having an optimistic attitude can change everything. These good vibrations really exist and thanks to this you can get a lot. This year, you may have become a more mystical, more spiritual and more intuitive person. Now you are much more appreciative of the connection you feel with others, but especially with yourself.

You are, by nature, a confident person, but now you have taken a new step. Now you are connecting a lot more to your feelings and it gives you a very special vibe to the world. This year, you’ve changed a lot, Lion, but it’s always been for good. You have become a more mature and much stronger person.


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