2019 has been a year of great learning, Taurus. Things have happened in your life that have completely changed you, but most of all, they have made you stronger and have incredible courage. For everyone, 2019 was a year of closing the chapters, abandoning everything that does not bring us. One year to eliminate contacts and end toxic relationships. For you too, but on top of all that, you have learned to seek much more for yourself and fight for your dreams like never before.

This year, Taurus, you have learned to realize that you will never reach your goals if you do not stay focused, if you are not patient and if you do not trust your abilities. It’s been a year much smaller than tall, Taurus, it’s time to recognize it. But thanks to that, you were able to open your eyes and realize reality. Patience has been your great ally this year. Thanks to her, you left safe and sound, and better yet, you were stronger than ever.

You have understood that you must have your feet on the ground and also that you must trust yourself and your abilities. 2019 has taught you to keep your head up at all times and to be brave because there will be nothing going wrong.

In addition, you have realized that it does not work to just stay with an idea, but you have to go further. You have learned to leave behind your idealism and your prejudices to see the big picture. You have left behind your traditional approach to life, your fixed and closed ideas to question everything around you. You have learned to go against the grain, even to go against yourself. It cost you a lot because you are a person with very fixed ideas. But for situations that you had to live with, you were forced to let your ideas flow and not be afraid to change your mind.

2019 marked a before and after in your life, Taurus. You leave him behind by being a more mature and much smarter person.


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