This year, Scorpio, marked a before and an after in your life, there is no doubt. It was a difficult year, very difficult, but thanks to all these blows and all these difficult situations, you have learned thousands of things. Things you never imagine you will never learn. 2019 for all was a year of closing the chapters, leaving the past behind, bringing out the people of our lives who no longer contribute anything and putting an end to toxic habits. But for you, in addition to all this, you have learned to seek more your happiness than the happiness of others. It cost you a lot, it’s not something you learned overnight, but ultimately you achieved it.

In 2019, you learned that you need to make less effort to meet the needs of others and more effort to ensure your own happiness, security and confidence. This year you have worked hard every day on your self-esteem and there is no doubt that you have achieved very good results, Scorpio. Right now, the most important thing for you is the confidence you have in yourself, rather than the confidence you have in others.

This year, you’ve had to go through pretty complicated situations that have compromised your self-esteem, but you’ve been an example to follow because you’ve stayed strong and secure at all times, or at least you’ve tried.

This year 2019, Scorpio, you have learned to value your people much more, to spend more time with these people who mean so much to you. Finally, you really realized that without your people, you are nobody. You have learned that you can have the freedom you want, without having to sacrifice those relationships that are so important to you. You have finally found the balance between freedom and love and that makes you happy, Scorpio.

This year, you really learned that after the storm, calm returned. And that, to smile, you must first cry. This year, Scorpio has been a learning experience in itself and despite everything, you are proud of all that you have accomplished. That’s what you really get.


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