This year for you, Sagittarius has been a year of ups and downs and, above all, many changes. It was one of the years when you made the most important decisions and where you matured the most. You started the year by being a person full of illusions, projects, pending plans and you end it with a backpack full of lessons, lessons and experiences.

This year 2019 for all was a year of closing chapters, turning pages, abandoning all these relationships which no longer contribute to anything. But for you, on top of all that, it meant more things. Sagittarius, for you, was a year that marked a before and after in many situations.

In 2019, Sagittarius, you learned that staying in your comfort zone will not make you happy. You are a hipster by nature, but again, you have realized that staying in your comfort zone, all you get is to stagnate. This year, you have risked more than ever and thanks to this, you have learned all the possible lessons. It was not easy because you had to risk more than the account, but there is no doubt that in the end, it was worth more than you imagined. You have learned to make decisions by thinking much more and looking in particular at the consequences and in the near future.

Without a doubt, this year you have also learned a lot about your past and even discovered lies that you have believed in for years. You have learned that not everything that glitters is gold and that many people try to deceive others just for the sake of it. You have understood that it is better not to trust your shadow. In the end, what people end up doing is taking advantage of your kindness and your kindness to end up betraying you in the first exchange.

This year, you have learned to be much more selective when it comes to revealing your secrets or just what your doubts are. This year a lot has changed, Sagittarius, even you are not the same person you were at the beginning of the year. You have matured and, most importantly, you have loaded the backpack with experiences and lessons.


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