This year 2019 has been for you a special year, Libra, a year with its bad things, but also with big things. This year, the relationships and people around you day after day have been very important to you. Thanks to them, you learned a lot, even from these relationships that ended. For all of us, 2019 was a year of closing chapters, abandoning toxic habits, trying to leave the past behind and eliminating from our lives the people who bring us nothing good.

For you, 2019 has gone much further, Libra, and has taught you to really appreciate the people you have by your side, but also to value yourself.

This year, Libra, you realized that you cannot control people, you cannot force them to love you or convince them to give you a second chance. You have learned that your expectations are not always met and that you cannot control how others will act or what others will say. You have learned that you can only control yourself, your actions and your reactions.

This year, you realized that you should be looking for a lot more for yourself than for others and that you need to control yourself less and less.

But there is no doubt that what you have really learned this year has been to throw yourself into the void, leave the fears behind and be much more determined. Come on, Libra, you are an indecisive person by nature and that is something that cannot be changed for many years. But you have worked this year so that this indecision does not spoil particular moments in your life.

This year, Libra, you risked more than you could imagine and learned something as basic as if you don’t risk, you don’t win. You have also learned to say more than otherwise, or at least you have tried not to get carried away by what others say. You have managed to have your own opinion and solid arguments. In 2019, Libra, you have above all learned to be free and to value your freedom above all.


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