2019 was a difficult year, Gemini, a year of many changes, many battles to fight, many complicated situations to face. But best of all, you have managed to become healthy, safe and stronger. This year, you have shown that you are capable of anything and more.

2019 for everyone has been a year of closing chapters, ending relationships that no longer contribute to anything, leaving behind all that they no longer contribute to us and overcoming these toxic habits that persecuted us. For you too, Gemini, but on top of that, you have learned to move forward, not to keep what makes you feel safe, but not happy.

This year, Gemini, you have learned that you still have a lot to improve. You have learned to accept that you are not perfect and that you do not pretend to be. You have realized that you need to change some things, but you are ready to work to improve yourself and that is what makes you so special right now. No more no less, Gemini, this year, you have learned to accept yourself as you are, with your virtues and with your faults and, above all, you have left your pride behind and started to work to the maximum in these faults.

You have realized that things are not as easy as others paint them and that you are the only person capable of dealing with your problems. No matter what support you have, it is you who must deal with it alone.

This year, you have realized that the most important thing in a relationship is the emotional and personal security that a person gives you. And that security is what has allowed you to deepen many of the relationships that are so important to you right now. This year many people may have come out of your life, but there is no doubt that it was for good.

You don’t need to have people who bring you constant bad vibes or people who can’t look past your navel. This year, relationships have played a very important role in your life and thanks to them, you have learned a lot. 2019 has changed you, Gemini, but for good. It makes you the person you have wanted to be for so long.


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