2019 has been a year for you of personal improvement, mostly cancer. You have matured a lot in recent months. Yes, it may be based on blows, falls, mistakes, but after all, thanks to all this, you have grown and become a huge person. This year, for everyone, was a year of closing the chapters, leaving behind everything that no longer brings us, saying goodbye to many people who were not what we thought we were.

This year everyone has made a lot of changes and we have faced our fears. But you, Cancer, have learned to walk without anyone’s help and to face life for yourself.

This year, you learned that you can survive cancer on your own. You have realized that you are stronger than you think. You don’t need anyone to achieve happiness, you don’t even need the love or acceptance of others to be happy. It’s the most precious thing you get this year, cancer. There is no doubt that you have taken a big step in your self-esteem and self-esteem.

You are always a sensitive person, with a big heart who must love and be loved. But you’ve stopped making it your top priority. Love has moved on to a second plate, as long as it’s not about self-esteem. It has become the main love of your life. It’s amazing what you’ve learned this year, Cancer. You are completely unrecognizable.

This year, no doubt, you have also learned to leave the past behind. You have left behind many people who did not know how to value you, but also, you have abandoned your old “I”. You have managed to free yourself from more than stagnant relationships and it seems that you have gained a lot of weight. You were disappointed this year, yes, but it’s not the same as before.

This year, you challenged yourself and managed to say goodbye to this past that has tormented you so much. But also, you learned practical things, cancer, for example, how to better organize your time and your ideas. All of these lessons have already started and there is no doubt that in 2020, Cancer, no one will be able to stop you.


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