2019 has been a year of ups and downs, Aquarius. Your emotions have been constantly on a roller coaster that has cost you dearly to descend. You have had to go through difficult situations, situations that nobody likes, but thanks to all this, you have learned more than anyone else. This year for everyone, in general, was a year of end of chapters, end of toxic relationships, abandonment of habits that were not healthy for us. But you, you went further, Aquarius, this year marked a before and an after in your life.

This year, Aquarius, you have learned that your mental health deserves more attention than you give it. You have noticed that from time to time you have to stop and log out as much as possible. The problem is that your mind works 24/7 and even at night cannot stop. You have seen that this is very dangerous and you have decided to take action on it.

You have learned to take a vacation if necessary and take a break to avoid burning your mind too much. Your mind is your main weapon, both in your personal life and in your professional life and without it you cannot go anywhere. This year, you have realized that if your thoughts, ideas, feelings don’t work, everything is bad. Fortunately, you have finally learned to assess how much your mental health deserves.

You have learned to say no and value more when you say yes. Normally, Aquarius, it was difficult for you to say no for fear of appearing overly assertive or of doing harm to others. But this year, you are tired of having to please others so much with your words. You have learned to truly appreciate your freedom and make the most of it. Now, when you say yes, you do it because you really feel it, because you want to or because it leaves your heart.

This year, you realized that in the end, the only person who can make you happy is yourself and no one else. Aquarius, this year you may have learned and matured with blows, but thanks to these blows, you have become a much smarter person.


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