The Good And The Bad Of Falling In Love With Sagittarius

The Good And The Bad Of Falling In Love With Sagittarius

You are like that, the soul that says what it feels, regardless of the consequences. You are one of the most selective people that life can present. At first, you can be a bit reserved, but once you feel confident there is no going back, your open mind, the one that inspires, the one that motivates, is the one that stays at the foot of the canyon. You are a Sagittarius, a host of insatiable emotions, you thirst for success, encouragement, to love instantly… And no, you are not perfect, you have your pros and cons, but the person who is capable of immersing himself in your dark side and accepting that you love freedom will simply win over your most unconditional side. This is the good and the bad of falling in love with Sagittarius:

Loving Sagittarius is synonymous with an unpredictable journey, it is the one who caresses your fears, those secrets that you keep in the depths of your being. Sagittarius loves intensely, puts the vulnerable side of him on the table and although many times he feels that it breaks into pieces, in the end, he throws himself into the ring. It’s the wild side of him that reminds her that this is what life is all about, flipping a coin and seeing what happens.

The good thing about dating Sagittarius is that he has the gift of shaking your soul. It is unpredictable love, fun, restless. Sagittarius does not tolerate monotony, he will do whatever is in his hands to make you vibrate. He is addicted to adrenaline, to risk, to everything that raises his heartbeat. Sagittarius does not stay with someone who chains him, he hates that they try to tell him what he has to do. But rest assured that next to him everything will be more intense and entertaining.

The bad thing is that he does not know how to deal with closed-minded people, if someone does not tolerate his independence, he does not waste time, at that moment he turns the page. He is not someone who needs company, he has been learning to live with his loneliness for a long time and the truth is that it does not bother him. If you want to be by his side you will have to work hard on your self-esteem and embrace your self-esteem. Sagittarius needs to feel free to love, to grow, to blow away the dreams that are in his heart.

The good thing is that his spontaneity makes you fall in love, the same thing comes wildly or calmly to your days. Being by his side implies a lot of adventures, wanting to enjoy the aromas, the colors, the textures, the sounds. Sagittarius does not miss the opportunity to be the reason why your smile is present. The bad thing is that he doesn’t have patience, not everyone can keep up with his pace, he’s not one of those who waits for things to happen miraculously. For Sagittarius, it does not exist more than today.

The good thing is that being by his side is honoring the intensity, he is the one who gently caresses you, goes through every corner of your soul, and immerses himself in your deepest thoughts. Sagittarius loves you calmly and when you least expect the rapturous side of him is present, he is the type of partner that you remember after a while while you bite your lips.

He is the one who represents freedom, honesty, love. Sagittarius is like that, he does things because he feels like it, because he wants to and because he doesn’t have to explain himself to anyone. It is the most beautiful memory that life gives you.


The Good And The Bad Of Falling In Love With Sagittarius

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