You don’t want to play with the twins.

Gemini, an aerial sign, is symbolized by the twins. The dual nature of the Gemini zodiac sign is revealed both in an ability to communicate well and in the desire to remain mysterious and illegible.

They sometimes contradict each other and can be ironically difficult to read, but that does not mean that they are not on the ball and ready to clarify a thought if need be. There are many positive personality traits for Gemini: they are the gadget repairer, the obsessed fan and the voice of reason during an argument. This zodiac sign also thinks about things and finds solutions to problems.

Born between May 21 and June 20, the Gemini personality represents duality.

Although there are, of course, famous Gemini, these are the main personality traits that you will find in normal and everyday people:

Curious, obsessive, committed
Romantic, stupid, hubristic
Social, funny, attention seeker
Open-minded, flexible, interested
No commitment, distracted, untrustworthy
Superficial, critical, unfair
Small, cheap, indulgent
Adaptable, easygoing, willing
Stuck, unwilling to change, challenged
Noisy, opinionated, jaded
Observer, lively, intelligent
Opportunistic, money-hungry, thief
Unreliable, flippant, snobbish

As for the other traits and aspects of the life of Gemini, this sign is much more complex than we think. And every part of their personality – love, health, career and money – knows no bounds.

How are Gemini when they are in love?

They are romantics, but their partner must match a set of strict rules for Gemini to love them. Gemini needs aesthetics; they are not satisfied with a person on a daily basis; they emphasize superstars and award-winning beauties.

They are full of praise for their lover if they meet their requirements, and just as quickly to expel their lover, if they fall below their standards. Gemini is hard to love, but easy to get along with. They prefer superficial love to long-standing and significant love.

They love the idea of ​​love more than the person they are in contact with.

Which company / career / job is best for Gemini?

No one dreams more than Gemini when it comes to business and big projects. You will find the Gemini zodiac sign that continually plans in advance, reflects and offers exceptional ideas to put into motion.

What happens is that Gemini has good ideas, but very rarely do they put their ideas into action. They are dreamers with great intentions and very little drive to do much more in this regard. Gemini thinks big and acts small, often missing the best opportunities.

How does the Gemini zodiac sign raise a family?

These will be the Gemini of the family who are known as the “black sheep”. Gemini children are picky and peculiar, making their parents completely crazy. The Gemini parent is similar to the Gemini lover; it’s the thought that counts … and that means Gemini loves the idea of ​​having children until it’s time to take care of them.

Again, the romance of Gemini is best experienced in the mind. In family situations, Gemini feels trapped, but wants to stay. This is duality. They want everything … until they have everything.

What health problems or illnesses affect Gemini?

Gemini is prone to headaches and nervous disorders. The upper half of the body is vulnerable with this sign, and many of the ailments that Gemini will experience are associated with breathing.

This sign will suffer from episodes of bronchitis, allergy and asthma during their lifetime – part of what has just been an “air” sign. They also tend to overeat and indulge in fast food, which leads to stomach problems.

What is the creativity of the Gemini personality?

Gemini is an incredibly creative zodiac sign, and this is because their natural curiosity drives them to get involved in a number of creative projects – all at the same time. Nothing makes a Gemini vibrate like a non-functioning car battery or a mechanical anomaly.

Gemini will also be found in the kitchen, as master chefs, serving plate after plate of gloriously concocted dishes. Talented chefs and skilled mechanics, they are!

What kind of lover is Gemini?

Being of a dualistic nature, Gemini often fantasizes that love must be a component of the sexual act for it to “be real”. Although they enjoy the sexual act very much, they always find something wrong with their sexual partner. It’s just in their nature.

In the same way, they select the spare parts of the car, they select the sexual partners and no one is ever good enough for them. They like to think of themselves as honest lovers, capable of pleasing, and perhaps they are just that.

It should be said that the eminent personality trait of Gemini in sex is judgment. They judge the body of their lover and their performance.

How do Gemini manage their finances?

Here’s where it gets a little confusing for Gemini: this inability to decide is almost like a curse for them when it comes to making money. All these good ideas are going nowhere because the sense of timing of Gemini is continually extinguished. They take too long to move, and that is exactly how they miss the target.

Great minds for ideas, but no business sense at all. They have no idea when it comes to acting on a premonition, and for all their visionary projects, they rarely manifest anything more than a few wasted years by not making enough effort.

What is the spirituality of the Gemini zodiac sign?

Gemini is open to all kinds of spirituality. They like to read spiritual texts and learn about their higher selves. The search for peace is great in them and they will go in a personal quest for enlightenment and progress.

They tend to be dogmatic in their thinking, and it is impossible to convince them that there is something other than their particular form of worship. They are true to their beliefs and rarely sway from their own personal spiritual path.

How do Gemini work on a daily basis?

Each day is a whole new experience for the personality of Gemini, and they live in the present. They never plan in advance and act spontaneously in most cases. It doesn’t always work for them because they miss many opportunities due to extreme laziness, but it doesn’t really bother them.

Every day above the ground is precious to Gemini, and they are thankful to be just alive and healthy. Ironically, they also tend to harbour grudges for the duration of their lives and will excite people suddenly, with no clue as to the reason for their sudden disappearance.

Gemini loves animals, cars, food and the idea that someday they may find a job.

In what types of conflicts are Gemini involved?

Gemini is the worst enemy you can have, not because they’re there to hurt you. When Gemini turns against you, you will not know it. This expert communication skill suddenly dries up like a desert when they no longer want you in their orbit, and it may take months before you realize that your Gemini friend or lover has left you cold.

Gemini takes no responsibility for their action and easily plays the refusal card. They are the eternal victims and celebrate their personal misery by licking their wounds, in private, for decades. It is difficult to reach the heart of a Gemini because they are so completely guarded and self-protected.


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