Cancer is a complex crab.

Cancer, the Crab, is a sign of water ruled by the Moon. The zodiac sign of Cancer shares this element with Scorpio and Pisces, the other two signs of water in astrology.

Cancer rules emotion, and this tends to spill over into intuition and psychic ability. But this zodiac sign also reigns on the chest, breasts and stomach, which makes them very oriented towards the body and extremely aware of the body.

Cancer is the person who keeps things, wants security, and basically wants to spend as much time as possible in the comfort of their own home.

Born between June 21 and July 22, the traits of cancer include:

Emotional, intuitive, intense
Loyal, trustworthy, in a bad mood
Nervous, inconsiderate, paranoid
Manipulative, instinctive, thoughtful
Reliable, controlling, silly
Funny, humorous, fickle
Forgiving, dizzy, miserable
Sentimental, hoarding, nostalgic
Charming, funny, passionate
Pity self-determined, capricious, casual

But as with the rest of their positive personality traits, this complex zodiac sign has many layers and facets, including how they manage their finances, raise a family, love compatibility, etc.

How is cancer in love?

They are charming and attractive. If you are the partner of a cancer lover, he expects you to focus on him alone or be punished. Cancer is a faithful partner who expects the same. They are fully committed to trusting you, but if you break their trust, you will never get it again.

They are also vicious lovers when it comes to revenge; don’t lie or cheat on cancer because they are completely determined to ruin your life if you dare. Although they are loving and faithful, they are also treacherous. Remember, their sign is represented by a crab, so expect crab behaviour and some heavy claw shears. In addition, they fall into the bag.

Which business/career/job is best for the Cancer zodiac sign?

Cancers tend to be lazy and end up in jobs that allow this kind of lax attitude. Although they are determined to do a good job, they choose the type of work that requires no more than they are willing to give. Put cancer in a leadership position and you will see them shine.

They certainly don’t mind being the centre of attention, not to mention that they’re susceptible to flattery. As leaders in the workplace, they will make everyone feel accepted and safe, a feeling they want to experience every day from their work experience.

How does cancer raise a family?

Naturally capable of looking after a household, Cancer takes the opportunity to raise a family. The stereotype of home cancer is true, which makes them great parents and partners. They love to cook and please people, and when it comes to family, they do everything they can. Cancer is more concerned with family health and well-being than family careers or income. And although they love money, it is still second place in family and family life.

What health problems and illnesses affect cancer?

Since they are governed by the chest, breasts and neck, you will find that most of their health problems are related to these parts of the body. Cancer tends to get cold and flu quite easily, and they have all been threatened with pneumonia at one time or another.

Many cancers have breast implants or facelifts because of their need to enhance their beauty. Obsessed with beauty, they will try all the latest fashions and diets. While some are monsters for health, others go too far in trends and end up being sick because they overuse drugs.

What is the creativity of the Cancer personality?

If it can be done at home, chances are cancer has done it. And if it’s an act of creativity, not only did they do it – they loved every minute of it.

Cancer is the craftsman, the mural painter, the couch potato who knits sweaters and crochets of blankets. They are often writers and philosophers who like to spend time creating new worlds in their heads. They are good at writing books, creating menus, and they like to bring people together for art fairs and celebrations.

What kind of lover is the Cancer zodiac sign?

They’re all in there. And put this Cancer with a Capricorn and Bham Bham thank you madam – you have the hottest astrological couple in the world. Sex is an obsession with cancer, which is also one of the reasons they tend to be overly concerned about their appearance; they want to watch the play as well as play it.

In sex, the visual aspect is half the fun, and they are ready to try anything as long as a quality orgasm is involved for them in the end. They are altruistic lovers, but they don’t want to go away without their share of pleasure.

How does Cancer manage their finances?

Not a penny from the bunch, Cancer likes the idea of ​​money more than they like the work it takes to get that money. Cancer tends to go through life assuming that everyone around them wants to protect and support them. At one point or another, they will experience the great awakening where they discover that nobody wants to pay their way, and they will go to do the dirty work of getting a real job.

They do not attract abundance, but they attract pity and compassion, which usually end up giving them what they need to survive.

And what about the spirituality of cancer?

What they lack in financial prowess, they make up for with a spiritual interest. It makes sense – this crab is a seeker, and they will find their truth. They are aware that it is not the goal but the journey, and Cancer likes to make this journey both interesting and intuitive.

Cancer is the person who abandons his family life to pursue ascetic life on the mountain; they love group meetings of like-minded spiritual people. Ashrams and yoga retreats are filled with cancer.

What does the personality of Cancer look like in everyday life?

They are not the easiest people to live with or treat because they tend to be mean and somewhat irritated. Jealousy prevails often enough to mention it, and it is also very difficult to maintain the confidence of cancer. If you offend your Cancer friend, they will strike you out and no longer allow you to return to the fold.

They are steadfast in this regard, which makes them a little stiff as friends. However, when it is on the surface, cancer can be very kind and mild. These are gifts that love to share happy days with those they love and cherish… however fleeting these days maybe.

What kind of conflicts can you expect from cancer?

The only real opposition you can find with cancer is when you realize there is no room for you in their lives. They have no patience for error, so be careful when it comes to opposing them. They don’t take criticism and they don’t forgive.

They tend to not feel anything and to anyone who disagrees with them, and if you try to point out their doubts, they will end the friendship or dating quickly and without remorse. They are the end of all relationships – you don’t break up with cancer. They throw you like trash because you are not in their inner circle; you are a trash can for them.


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