The Full Moon On August 22nd Will Give Wings To These 3 Zodiac Signs

The Full Moon On August 22nd Will Give Wings To These 3 Zodiac Signs

Would you like to know which zodiac signs will give wings to the full moon on August 22nd? Then read our horoscope now!

The full moon can develop a special power. Depending on which zodiac sign he is in, his energy has a different effect.

The full moon on August 22nd, 2021 is a special event! It is also called “Blue Moon” and has a very special effect on us. You can read here what exactly this looks like and which zodiac signs benefit from the full moon this month.

Full moon in Aquarius on August 22nd

The full moon in August is under Aquarius and strengthens our creativity, our thirst for knowledge and our intuition. The full moon always stands for the end of a phase and thus heralds a conclusion. In other words: As soon as the moon can be seen in its fullest phase in the sky, we should reflect on our life and ask ourselves which things we should better actively end or let go in the future. It is important that we realize that an end always means a new beginning. Because: where one door closes, the next opens.

These zodiac signs benefit from the Aquarius full moon:

Aquarius : The zodiac sign Aquarius will feel the full moon intensely. In the emotional world in particular, Aquarius people will perceive the power of the moon. You should definitely use the days around August 22nd to examine your interpersonal relationships. “Who is good for me and who is not?” should be the central question. 

Virgo: People with the zodiac sign Virgo will feel the effects of the full moon very strongly. There are some things that you have been carrying around with you for a long time that you want to sort out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they usually lacked the strength to do this. The full moon changes the situation tremendously! Virgo people suddenly see crystal clear and everything that was previously hidden now comes to light. It is time to change some fundamental things in life, dear Virgo-borns!

Capricorn: The full moon gives Capricorn people eagle eyes and an absolute perspective. He also increases their ambition. Capricorns should definitely redefine their goals and come up with a suitable strategy. At the same time, they should part with everything that unnecessarily complains to them. So you can start the rest of the year!

Hopefully, you can use the Aquarian Full Moon for yourself! We wish you a lot of strength and stamina for this exciting time.



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