The farewell will break her

If she finally gets up the courage to leave, she probably will not even say goodbye.

Because it could break her heart if she really says goodbye to you.

A goodbye could give you a chance to tell her not to leave.

The farewell could give you a chance to apologize.

And it’s not that she’s weak because she’s stayed here for so long. She is strong enough to believe in you.

She is strong enough to hold on as long as she did.

A goodbye could give you the chance to charm her with words that are not followed by deeds.

A goodbye could let you know that you hurt her.

So she will not say goodbye.

She will go quietly, without saying a word, and perhaps you will not notice it at first.

But what you’ll notice is that she does not respond immediately and you’ll wonder what she’s doing.

What you’ll notice is that it’s been a long time since you last spoke to her.

What you will notice is that you are not getting so much attention from her anymore.

What you’ll notice is that you do not look at your latest stories on Facebook or Instagram.

What you’ll notice is that you can not even remember when you last saw her and that you suddenly miss her.

And then you will try to get her attention, but she will do everything she can to ignore you because she does not want to.

What you will notice is that you suddenly want to send her more messages in the hope that she will take the step and return to you.

You will send her a double text. A triple. Several snapshots of something that reminds you of her.

And you will see that she has opened the message, but still has not answered.

Ironically, it will be the moment you realize that it is not the same as it used to be.

But she is not angry, angry, angry or bitter. Even though you’ve caused her so much pain – if anyone asks what she thinks about you, she still has only good things to say. She would still say that she loves you …

But now she’s just trying to do the best for herself.

For letting go you hurt like hell, but to hold on to someone who does not care enough to show it has only destroyed them.

She loves You. And that’s why it’s so hard for her. She loves someone who is unable to give her the love she needs.

And no one is to blame. Sometimes these feelings just come to light.

But what you have not seen is that in these days or weeks you have not perceived the silence and distance between the two of you.

What you have not seen is how many times she typed you a message to tell you something, but then deleted it, because if you had been interested in her, you would have started a conversation with her.

What you did not see is that she wrote a message and scrolled to your name and then walked on, because the moment she stopped trying to keep on, your presence in her life began to fade.

What you have not seen is that every night she missed someone who did not even care that she left.

What you have not seen is that she is dating and comparing you to every person sitting across from her.

But what you and many other people have probably seen is their smile on every picture.

What you and many other people have probably already seen is that she laughs a lot, even though she’s crying alone every night.

She will not say goodbye. She will just go.

She will go and pray to God that you understand it.


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