1. Scorpion

When it comes to the worst ex, the Scorpion woman is in the lead.

She is usually reserved and very protective of her heart once she is broken, so there is no limit to what she is capable of.

The sadness and pain she feels after a break up mingle with anger. She wants revenge.

She wants revenge, and she wants her ex to know exactly how she feels. Needless to say, hell will break loose and his ex will regret what he did.

She is still on the verge of becoming the ex-psychopath who will tire out her tires, call her new girlfriend to tell her two tricks, post compromising photos on social networks, do a big scene, and so on.

After the anger has dissipated, it will fall back on itself and become even more cautious than before.

2. Gemini

When things do not go as planned for the woman Gemini, that does not aspire to anything good. And it’s even worse when it comes to breaks.

She will want to get to the bottom of things to find out what went wrong and how she could fix it.

In general, she is not a follower of breaks, and that does not matter how the relationship was.

She will do everything possible to sow doubt in his ex and convince him to start again. She will lie and plot even if she just needs to get what she wants.

If that fails, she will change her strategy and switch to a self-protection mode. Attack is the best defense, so Gemini will talk trashy of their ex with a hint of exaggeration.

3. Cancer

While the Cancer woman may be one of the best friends, she is just as much a terrible ex-girlfriend.

She wants her happy ending, and she will stop at nothing to reach it.

Whether she admits it or not, more than once, she will have forced things to make her relationships work.

She likes to fix broken things and always sees good in others which often ends up coming back to her.

Long after the end of the relationship, she hopes things will work out.

She can not really forget her ex because she is obsessed with him and harasses him through social networks or their friends in common.

Breaks in which she does not really know what was the cause are the worst.

She immediately feels that she is not good enough, and she struggles to recover.

4. Capricorn

An ex-girlfriend Capricorn is neither the worst nor the best. She’s somewhere in between. In fact, it all depends on the reasons that led to the breakup.

If the reasons for the breakup were clear and they separated on good terms, she will be the best ex that a man can hope for.

She will bear the break with dignity no matter what she thinks about it.

On the other hand, she can not bear not being able to turn the page. When the reasons are not clear, she will want to go deep into things.

She will send text after text until she has all the answers.

Before even realizing it, she will have already exaggerated with texting and calls.

Fortunately, she has a best friend who will calm her down and make her see the reality – that not everything has a logical end. It will stop him on the way to become the crazy ex girlfriend.

5. Virgo

An ex Virgin will certainly want to make sense of everything. She will come back on each of her movements trying to find out when everything went to hell.

She will be divided between wanting to drown in her own tears and thank heaven for having saved her from this horrible man.

She will search all her accounts on social networks for signs of betrayal.

She will call her ex more often than is necessary to discuss things, and she will not accept a “no” answer. Only there, he will call her crazy.

The worst part is that she is not crazy. She just wants to know the real reason for what happened and be able to turn the page.

6. Aries

The problem with her ex is that they do not know what they had before losing her. They learn to appreciate it when it is too late.

In the meantime, the Aries woman has already switched to ‘next please’ mode, and there is no turning back.

It’s not fair that she says she has someone new, but she literally finds someone new and does her best to move on.

Rebound relationships are her thing, and she believes it will be easier to forget her ex if she has someone else to occupy and entertain her.

Is it a good thing or a cheap thing to do? The Aries woman will know soon enough.

7. Pisces

The Fish woman has trouble accepting the breakup because it’s a hopeless romantic, and breaking is not the word with which fairy tales end.

She will certainly pretend to be strong while she is falling apart.

She will fold on herself and mourn the lost love at home with Netflix and a large bowl of ice cream.

She will not intentionally seek revenge, but she will probably hurt her ex by showing him that she is doing very well without him (even if it is not). And nobody can blame him for that.

She will also be a little obsessed with the reason why things must have ended.

She will probably look for clues on social networks and ruin her ex-girlfriend’s facade, which has nothing to do by accidentally loving something he posted 26 weeks ago.

8. Libra

The only time the Libra woman is among the worst ex-girlfriends is when she tries to stay friends with her ex.

In these cases, it only hurts and aggravates an already difficult situation.

When there are feelings on one side or the other, it can not end well.

Staying friends with an ex only brings disorder and confusion and Libra hates all this.

Fortunately, she is very rational, and once she has a little time to think, she will understand that nothing can be done against fate.

At first glance, she handles the break very well, although she is the only one who knows what’s going on inside.

It’s his outgoing personality and positive attitude that will help him out.

9. Aquarius

She will look like a cold-hearted bitch after a breakup, though it can not be more wrong. She does not want to give her ex the pleasure of seeing her depressed.

She will redirect all the attention she gave him about herself. She will work on herself for herself by herself.

She has her support system. She will spend more time with her friends and loved ones even if she will never neglect them during her relationship.

There will be no room for an ex in her life, and she will make it obvious by ignoring her texting and staying away from her accounts on social networks.

10. Sagittarius

Her ex will probably want to stay with her because she is funny, funny and very attentive. And he does not want to lose those things.

This is why it is easy for his ex to play the friendship card to train him in a relationship that will start and break again and again. That said, it’s not something she wants.

She will be excellent at pretending that she is well, and will do everything possible to prove to her ex that she does not need him in his life.

In reality, she will be anything but good, and she would love to get back with her ex.

Since she knows that it is not an option, she will pretend until she convinces herself that she is better without him.

Over time, she will realize that the break was the best thing that could have happened to her.

11. Taurus

She hates dramas, and that’s just one of the reasons why the Taurus woman is a decent ex.

She avoids screaming, screaming and going back to see her ex during lonely nights, and that’s what makes her an intelligent woman.

When it’s over, it’s over, and there’s no turning back. She wants to finish things with dignity and with her head held high.

No matter how much she feels, she will stay true to herself.

She will cut all links with her ex, not because she hates him, but because it is easier to overcome the break in this way.

She knows deep down that her ex was not “the good”. But that does not hurt her any less.

12. Leo

His ego will be badly hurt. Her heart will probably be broken, but she’ll come out like a pro.

A confident and selfish Lion woman will never allow anyone to call her a pathetic ex.

She does not want to stay friends with her ex because she does not see any interest. If they broke up, that’s where their story ends.

She will delete her number and accounts on social networks, and block it even if it seems necessary.

She is hurt and she does not need things that will make her think of what could have been.

Ruptures are already difficult like that and the Lion woman does not want to make things even more difficult for herself.

His behavior in this difficult situation is admirable. His self-esteem is too powerful.



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