The Error You Make When You Like Someone According To Your Sign

When we start to like someone, on many occasions, we make incorrect decisions. With the pressure to like the other person, we make many mistakes that make us screw it up at the least desired moment. You can avoid it if you are aware of it, so, here is

the mistake you make when you like someone according to your zodiac sign :


What happens to you, Aries, is that you do not dare to admit your feelings. You know that you like someone and you are even aware that you can feel things for that person. But on the outside, you prefer to act as if those feelings don’t exist. And that’s the problem, Aries. The person you like has no idea what is happening to you and for that reason, many times they leave before you have taken the first step. The mistake you make when you like someone, Aries, is that you keep everything to yourself and act like you don’t give a sh * t about that person.


Where you make the mistake, Taurus is when it comes to taking the initiative. You are too tough to take the first step. You always keep waiting for the other person to jump in. That’s a big mistake, Taurus, because your crush may not have a clue that he/she likes you or he/she may also be waiting for you to jump in. You are one of those who prefers to miss an opportunity rather than start a conversation. Look, Taurus, you don’t have to declare your feelings that first. It works by going little by little and paving the way. There is nothing to lose, always remember it.


Your problem, Gemini, is that you send mixed signals. When you like someone, it is difficult for you to recognize your feelings. In a while, you go from extreme flirting to completely ignore. You can be the most impulsive and driven person on the face of the earth and after a while, not give any signs of life to your crush. That “game” may have worked for you on occasion, but it is a big mistake. You can get to scratch the other person’s head a lot and you have to be careful. That person may get tired of your mixed signals and leave before you have taken action.


The mistake you make when you like someone, Cancer, is that you are too nice. To such an extent that your crush can get you into the friend zone without knowing your romantic interests. Because you behave so affectionate and close almost from the beginning, your crush may come to think that you behave this way with everyone. So now you know, Cancer, if you want to make your intentions clear, be nice, but add some reed to the conversation. A hint from time to time doesn’t hurt. You can.


What happens to you, Leo, is that you are too impatient. You have so many suitors that when someone likes you and they ignore you like that at first, you leave. You do not have the patience to flirt, to send hints, or to let love emerge little by little. You get bored right away and that’s the problem. You are used to people paying attention to you at the first change that when you do not get what you want quickly, you leave. There are people who do not fall in love as easily as you think, Leo … If you put your mind to it, you are capable of persuading anyone, you just have to be a little more quite.


You become obsessed with looking tough, demanding, and hard to fall in love and that’s the mistake you make. To the person you like, you make him see that you do not need anyone, that you are better off alone and that love is not for you. When you yourself, Virgo, know that this is a lie, that it is simply a facade that you put on so that no one hurts you. Deep down, you are dying to confess everything you feel to him, but it is something that rarely enters your plans. Come on, Virgo, don’t be afraid to give a hint that you are actually a person with a huge heart.


Oh, Libra, what happens to you is that you have too high expectations and that is a big mistake. In your mind, you create all the scenarios and situations that you want to happen. Everything to the smallest detail and that is a real mistake. You have to try to put your feet on the ground a little more when you like someone above all, for your sake. Because later, when things don’t go the way you imagined, you get disappointed. Try to let everything flow, your feelings, your ideas, your words, etc … Do not pressure yourself or the other person. You have a hard time being present, Libra, because you love daydreaming and that’s the problem.


The mistake you make when you like someone is that you always want to get your way, Scorpio. You are capable of doing whatever it takes to make that happen, ANYTHING. You don’t realize that many times you can hurt the feelings of your crush. You have to try to slow down and also listen to what the other person has to say to you. This is not about competition, Scorpio, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but nothing happens. When you like someone, you want that person to fall in love with you however you are and you are capable of doing anything crazy to make it happen.


Sagittarius, you don’t let that person get to know your true self, that’s the mistake you make. You are afraid that he knows your feelings, that it reaches your heart and because of that, you try to seem someone carefree. Actually, Sagi, you can become the best life partner you can have because you have a huge heart, but you rarely show it. You have to stop being so afraid to show your emotions, Sagi. You do not have to confess absolutely EVERYTHING and much less when there is not much trust with that person. With going little by little, it is enough.


When you like a person, Capricorn, you can be a bit crazy. Rarely are you going to take the initiative, you are more of waiting for the other person to be the one to move. You choose more to observe than to act and that is a real mistake. The only thing you are going to get is that your crush gets tired and decides to go with another much more active person. Do not be afraid to act, Capri, to take the initiative, to invite that person to have a drink, to teach him everything you know, to make him participate in your day today. Don’t let that person get bored or they’ll disappear when you least expect it.


The mistake you make when you like someone, Aquarius, is that you don’t let that person show 100%. You are very clear about the type of person you want in your life. Despite being a non-judgmental person, if someone doesn’t live up to your ideals, you get angry too quickly. You don’t give your crush a chance to teach you the full version of events. You don’t want to be hurt, Aquarius, and when you see something you don’t like, you nip it in the bud. You have to stop being so demanding, both with others and with yourself. Let everything flow and in the end, if you see that things are not going the right way, there will be time to cut corners.


You are constantly in your world, Pisces. In your mind, you put on some movie-worthy dramas starring Ryan Gosling, to say the least. The mistake is that your expectations are high no, the following. You want to find the PERFECT person, your better half, your soul mate and that’s a problem. You have to get used to the idea that you are living in reality and that people here have their flaws. Not everything is going to be how you have imagined all this time. You can create all the movies you want, but try to have characters who have defects as well as virtues.


The Error You Make When You Like Someone According To Your Sign

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