The day will come when you want them back

Since it was there for a long time, you took it for granted at some point. Perhaps you thought that your actions and words would not bother her. You thought it didn’t matter what you did, she was going to stay by your side. You have accepted that you do not treat her as she deserves. And you are to blame for losing it.

Now you think you’re an idiot. How could you have overlooked the fact that you pushed her away from you? Why didn’t you see their real value? How could you not see that this woman deserves your attention and all your love? You would have deserved the whole world. But you didn’t recognize it.

And yet she tolerated your behavior for a very long time. It was different from the others. Because she didn’t just go. She truly loved you. And she kept finding hope to stay strong and accept yourself as you are. She looked where no one else would look. In doing so, she put her own ego far behind. She looked at you with as much compassion and empathy as never before.

Even when nobody believed in you, she was fully behind you. It has stayed, although it was difficult and although many others had long since gone abroad. Others have repeatedly told her to go. But she stayed. It even stayed when you sent it away. She didn’t want to let you down. She was completely selfless because she felt like a wreck. But still, she didn’t leave your side. She tried and she fought for you.

She really gave everything and God knows this too. He saw how hard she worked for you. But in the end, she realized that she had to leave the ring. Because there was nothing left to fight for. She won the fight, but at the same time, she didn’t get anything for it. She goes home empty-handed. So she didn’t leave you. She had to go because you drove her so far.

She was different from the others and she was much stronger than anyone else who was by your side before her. But she got tired. And she had to use her last strength, which remained, for herself. Otherwise, she should have given up on herself. She didn’t want to go, but she did. 

And you are not even aware of what you did. But one day you will want them back to your side!

And then you will only realize what a big mistake you have made. You will realize that it is too late. You won’t be able to do anything to get them back. A woman who you always see by your side and pushes away from you for sure will know at some point when the time has come when she has to go. And once she has decided to do so, there is no going back.

Maybe you’re still fine with it. But at some point, it will catch up with you. You will wake up one day and realize that you have lost something unique.

And you’ll want her to come back.

You may have to meet some hollow-headed women first and go through life alone for a while. At some point, you will recognize the insignificance in your life and want to conclude with it. You will come to a point in life where you long for something serious. 

Then you realize that you actually need them in your life – more than anything else in the world. Then you realize that you had the chance and didn’t take it. It was there and wanted to be perfect for you. But you didn’t allow it. She wanted to love you and support you. But you didn’t leave her. She accepted you and all your mistakes. She valued your qualities that you didn’t even know existed. 

You threw all that away. 

At some point, you will try to take it back and suddenly everything will fall from your eyes like scales. You will visit her to ask for forgiveness and to explain everything to her. You want her to know that everything is now clear to you and that you need her in your life. 

And then you will find that she has already found someone. A person who gives her what she always deserves. A man who showered them with attention and appreciation. Someone who stays by your side – in good times as in bad. Someone who knows what he has in her and who won’t send her away. 

Then you will realize that such a woman is something very valuable and rare in the world. How could you have assumed that such a woman would stay single forever? It was stupid of you to think she was waiting for you. That she is waiting for someone who has never really appreciated her.

As soon as reality catches up with you, you should remember this. You should stay away from her. Because she deserves better. You missed your chance and you will have to live with that now.


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