The past year has turned a lot upside down – including dating. No wonder that there are new trends that adapt to the circumstances. For example hardballing. You can find out what this is all about here

Hardballing is the new trend in dating 

Just meet the new crush in a bar or have a delicious meal together in a restaurant? It hasn’t worked for a long time. Instead, singles are now getting to know their potential partners digitally. The Corona year has also changed typical dating and inevitably created new trends. The popular dating app Bumble knows which dating trend will especially accompany us in 2021: hardballing.

Hardballing: This is how you date now

You could associate the term “hardballing” with something romantc, but this type of dating is about something completely different, something very serious. Like most people, singles have spent a lot of time at home over the past year. For most, it was a period of reflection and self-reflection. That is exactly what bears fruit.

Dating seekers now know exactly what they want. No more games are played, but the “balls” are passed in a targeted and convincing manner. To spend time with someone who is not on the same wavelength, to make lazy compromises so that the boredom is more bearable or to pretend to be more popular? All of this will hardly take place in 2021. Clear announcements and targeted searches will dominate dating in 2021.


The dating trend for 2021 is called "hardballing"

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