The Dark Side Of Libra

The Dark Side Of Libra

We all have a bad side, and you will not be the exception… Libra, not everything that reduces is gold, right? Yes, you also have a dark side, perhaps more difficult to appreciate than the rest because of your constant good vibes and your balance and all those things that we already know. But you have it. And it is this.

This is the dark side of the Libra sign…

Are you made for leisure, fun, vanity, contradiction, and recklessness on many occasions? Of course. Also, you can change your mind twenty times in half an hour because you never have anything clear, someone offers you a better plan and your doubts are multiplied by a hundred. You can have in your mind that you will travel to London in less than a year but in the end, it is China and in the end, it is to a town two kilometers from where you live to obtain knowledge about quantum medicine. That’s how you are, illogical? incoherent? Yes, a little bit. And this is just one example.

You can seem harmless, sociable, and liked by half the world, and you love that they think so, even if you think they are mediocre with no future, but you will never say so, because you do not want to hurt feelings gratuitously.

When you’ve got what you wanted, you don’t want it anymore, but you never learn, and you know it. In reality, what you are looking for is “balance” in your life and order, so for you, everything is paid for, everything comes, everything has a beginning and an end and everything has to be closed sooner or later. You don’t want to miss out on anything, so you try to choose all paths even if those paths are completely incompatible. Who knows if you don’t choose the good one? Then more questions will come like, am I doing it right? It can take hours before you reach a conclusion and you can drive many people to despair when you have to choose, but it is what it is, you don’t like to give up, period. You have learned something, and that is that if you hesitate too much, to the point where others are extremely irritated, sometimes you get both. They prefer to give you everything to wait for you to decide.


The Dark Side Of Libra

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