The Color Of Your Aura That Makes Your Soul Vibrate According To Your Sign

Aura, the breath of your being, that energy that distinguishes you from the rest and that can change according to the state of your emotions. However, each zodiac sign has its own color , the one that makes your soul vibrate and that keeps it stable and strong. It is important to protect her from the bad vibes, because there are auras that are unstoppable that steal the attention of those around her, auras that give you fulfillment and happiness. Do you want to know the color of your aura that makes your soul vibrate according to your sign ?


The Aries aura is that radiant, fearless, risk-loving red . Aries is fire, of people who want their steps to be heard loud, it is like the color of their aura, they have an impulsive side that is always ready to live a new dream. There is also anger, which breaks everything, which is capable of knocking down any enemy. It is red, synonymous with passion and dedication, it does not understand gray, it wants something more, something that really makes its heart beat. Aries has the strength in its aura, the red that changes your life.


Taurus is the one with the orange aura, the one that raises the strength of the Earth. An aura that is always in search of her best, lover of efficiency and stubborn to the bone. This is Taurus, the person who was born to be persistent,that when an idea gets into his head there is no human power to make him change his mind. Orange honors passion, but also creativity. You like to enjoy things and add a little intensity to it, that is why your aura can have reddish tones, you are love in all its extension.


The power of the yellow aura , without a doubt, Gemini was born to steal the attention in each place, a sign that is admired for its intellectual side, always waiting to learn something new, but has all the humility to share it with the rest. Gemini is synonymous with energy and enlightenment, the wild aura with a touch of freedom that becomes mesmerizing for everyone around him. Gemini is the zodiac sign that honors happiness and wisdom, but knows that without imagination there is nothing.


The color of your aura that makes your soul vibrate according to your sign, the sign of the Zodiac that has the Moon on its side, but the color of the sky in its aura, is that sparkling blue that makes you unique, the one that is capable of squander power in each of your steps. In the blue of his aura hides all the compassion and empathy that is in his heart, it is the strong soul that is able to bend for people who are really worth it. Cancer has the blue aura because it represents patience and stability, it is the healer of the zodiac.


Leo is visibility, passion, drive. It is the sign that has a golden aura, that is where its leading part hides, the courage it has to carry out each of its objectives without allowing anyone to intervene. Leo is a charming and wise soul,who has an insatiable thirst for adventure, always looking for something more. Thanks to his golden aura, he does not stop believing in his dreams, he hopes that everything he imagines will come true. He is the one who influences others, because he wins the admiration of those around him. Leo inspires just like the color of his aura.


Virgo is the sign that carries a green aura, who has an analytical and square personality, always focuses on his goals and leaves aside any distractions. His aura has a greenish hue with slight flashes of blue, which is why, sometimes,his thinking part takes over the situation. Virgo is the perfect mix between emotional and stability, he doesn’t lose his mind so easily. However, his aura means healing, abundance, he is the one who brings life to your days.


Behind an elegant, sweet and empathetic personality, hides one of the most romantic colors. Libra cannot help it, the pink aura is the one that surrounds his sign, that is the reason why he is always honoring love, eager for happiness and with a dreamy side that inspires the rest. His soul is as bright as his color, he is the one who has the gift of making you feel good and also captivates. The pink aura is attractive, it is the one who symbolizes optimism and hope.


The color of your aura that makes your soul vibrate according to your sign, Scorpio, a haunting, intense, sweet and mysterious soul. There is no better aura for Scorpio , than the carmine color, it has that attractive and captivating side as its personality. It is the sign that most do not understand, but when they make it part of their days they discover that they are a charm and they do not want to let them go. The carmine aura is for people who live deep, who have no limits and the risks make their heart beat faster. Scorpio is the one who is not afraid, wastes energy and power. It’s like lipstick, it has that beautiful and serious side, the perfect mix.


Sagittarius is the being with a free soul, the one who is carried away by the sound of the wind and gets lost in a good melody. Sagittarius is like your aura, the one that has the color ofsky blue , the one that is ready to squander joy in its wake. A combination between reality and fiction, itis like the sea, it gives you calm, but it can also show you its fierce sideat the least expected moment. Sagittarius’ aura is welcoming, giving you the peace of mind you need and the inspiration to keep moving forward.


Capricorn is the one who does not break down, who even in the middle of the storm has a little smile left to keep moving forward. It is the sign that inspires confidence and that knows very well what he wants in this life, hardly someone makes him change his mind. Capricorn is the power of creativity, that is why its aura has a violet colorwith blue flashes. His passion is unstoppable, always with a higher energy level. Capricorn is big and he likes to have his wishes heard from here for miles, he does not want to humiliate, only to succeed.


Behind a distant, dreamy and adventurous personality, hides an intense aura, which has the color purple . It is the light that keeps them with their heads up and the desire to achieve their goals. The purple aura of Aquarius is radiant, full of charisma, life, an accumulation of love, all that he will give to the people he considers to be worthwhile. Your aura is unique, it is the one that elevates, the one that sets limits , the one that knows that it is not here to meet anyone’s expectations. Purple is for those who know how to live with madness, imagination and magic.


Pisces is the sign that honors sensitivity, who does not understand dry ties, is the one who needs to go deep. Just like the color of his aura, the indigo or indigo hue , which symbolizes one of the dark sides of blue. It is synonymous with calm, an invitation to the real, leaving the complexes, who dares to love without fear. Indigo is intense, it is the one who heals, who squanders wisdom and always goes further. Pisces has an aura that has the gift of putting itself in the place of the other, which invites you to enjoy as if it were the last moment. In which you can immerse yourself until you show your most vulnerable side.


The Color Of Your Aura That Makes Your Soul Vibrate According To Your Sign

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