It was another year, Pisces, a year that brought many new things to your life. 2019 made you open your eyes, maybe on the basis of bumps and errors, yes, but thanks to that, you can now see things that you had never imagined before. For all, 2019 was a year of closing the chapters, bringing together people who bring nothing to our life, abandoning the past. For you, this battle has been very important this year with the past. You have a hard time leaving it behind, but it seems that eventually, little by little, you took the plunge and managed to turn the page forever.

This year, Pisces, you learned that it is better to be alone than in bad company, but more linked to friendship. You have realized that it is better to have a small circle of people around you to have real confidence than to have thousands of false friends and toxic relationships. This year, you started to value your heart and give it only to people who really want it. Your confidence is the most precious thing in the world and you don’t want anyone to have it.

This year, you may have become a much more selective person and now it is more difficult for you to trust others, but everything is for you. You are tired of dealing with liars, hypocrites and fakes. People who are not able to value what others are doing for them.

But in this 2019, on top of all that, Pisces, you have opened your mind a lot and leave thousands and thousands of new ideas there. You are full of intellectual courage and eager to learn. Certain situations that you have had to experience this year have made you realize that learning new things makes you feel more alive than ever. If you learn, there is nothing beyond your reach.

This year, you’ve learned a lot about relationships, you’ve learned who your true friends are, and most importantly, you’ve learned how to achieve what you want in your life and what you don’t have. This year marked a before and after in your life and also in your heart.


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