There are always things to improve even if your relationship is perfect. What better time to make a change than to start a new year. New Year’s resolution for your relationships is not only going to benefit your partner, but it will benefit you as well. There are habits that can be difficult to break, but it is necessary to do so. Think that everything is for your good and for the good of the person with whom you spend the most time.

This is the best New Year’s resolution for your relationship according to your zodiac sign:


In 2021, try to choose well what are the problems to discuss and which ones not. You are a sign that is not afraid of conflict. When you have to say something you say it, period. It is not a bad thing, but it is true that it can cause unnecessary problems. You are like that and you will never change Aries, but try that this character does not interfere too much in your relationship. When you get angry or when you argue, you have a hard time listening to what others are saying. You can become very stubborn and not take into account what your partner has to say. This new year, learn to deal with problems in a different way. In a relationship, there is no such thing as a winner or a loser, Aries, you should always keep that in mind. You have to try to discuss things without your character being the protagonist.


You are a very personable person, Taurus. Your routine is sacred and you don’t let anyone change your mind. You can become too stubborn at times without realizing it. You always have to be right and if you are not, you will probably argue until you get away with it. That is so, Taurus, even if it is hard for you to admit it. For 2021, your New Year’s resolution in your relationships should be to commit yourself and know how to be a little more neutral. Nothing happens if you are not right or if you are wrong. Rectifying is wise. Your relationship will improve a lot if you are able to find the middle ground and you don’t get angry as long as you are not right. It is important that this 2021 you take the problems with another philosophy, Taurus, that you try to see further and open your mind a little more.


Something that you have pending in your life for a long time, Gemini, is learning to listen WELL what your partner says. Despite being a very intelligent person, there are times when it is difficult for you to deepen on an emotional level. Communication is one of your strengths and that is so. Surely you have very interesting conversations with your partner and perhaps you do not feel that something is wrong. It is very likely, Gemini, that all the problems you have with your partner arise because you are not able to talk about your emotions and listen to the emotions of your partner. You have to go a little deeper into that aspect. To begin, try to listen rather than speak. It is very different to HEAR than to LISTEN. This year, make it a point to pay close attention to every word your partner says through their mouth.


You can’t bear to see your partner suffer, whatever the reason. Therefore, Cancer, you are capable of doing anything to make your partner happy. You always try to satisfy the needs and desires of your boyfriend/girlfriend. The problem comes when you forget to communicate what your needs are. You are so devoted to others that you do not want to bother asking them to give you what is yours. This year, try to communicate what your needs are. That should be your New Years’ resolution. You can apply it to your life whether you have a partner or not, Cancer. Don’t be afraid to talk about your thing. You give yourself so much to others that later when you need someone to help you, you are not able to ask for help. This year, try to take care of yourself much more than others … Let’s see if you can make this year the final one.


This coming year, Leo, don’t be afraid to show yourself more vulnerable. That must be your purpose for your relationship. You try all the time to appear super sure of your decisions, of what you do, of your feelings … But then, deep down, you are much more sensitive than you appear. You are rarely vulnerable with your partner, Leo, but still, you want her to know what you like or what you need at that moment. Many times, even when you don’t get that, you get angry and frustrated with yourself. Leo, showing yourself vulnerable in front of your partner is not a bad thing. You won’t be better strong for it. You don’t know how much it can help your relationship to show your flaws to your partner. You have to learn to express your insecurities a little better.


In 2021, your purpose should be to have much more time for yourself, whether you have a partner or not, but even more so if you are in a relationship. When you are in love, it is true that it is very difficult for you to know what your place is and what your limits are. You love helping the people you love, but you have to remember that there is a difference between helping and solving all their problems. There is no problem in doing anything for your partner, Virgo, but you have to try to make each one solve their problems. You are like that and you will never change, but try to focus this year more on yourself. You have many open wounds, many problems to solve and it is preferable that you solve yours to those of others. This year give your partner space and focus on yourself.


You always do your best to avoid any kind of conflict, Libra. You are able to agree to anything your partner wants to do as long as you don’t argue. You want your relationship to be perfect and you keep a lot of things quiet so that no problems arise. This year, embrace the imperfections in your relationship, Libra. Nothing happens to disagree on something, in fact, it is healthy for discussions and exchanges of opinion in a relationship. No relationship is perfect. Libra, accepting that is going to help you take a lot of weight off your shoulders. This year be yourself in front of your partner. Do not change your mind to like you more or so that there are no confrontations. You are someone special, do not change for anyone.


This has to be the final year to leave behind all the accumulated resentment. You are a person who is used to holding on to anger and hurt for longer than it should. And all of that is probably not doing your relationship any favors. In 2021, you have to start practicing letting go of everything that can no longer be solved, Scorpio. Not only with the problems that directly affect your relationship, but with any other problem. Constantly thinking about all the mistakes of your partner is not healthy for you and it is not healthy for the relationship. If there is a problem, speak up and forgive it on the spot. And if you think that he has hurt you so much that you will never be able to forgive him, it is better that you end the relationship as soon as possible. That’s how it is.


You are obsessed with exploring the world. You love putting your life at risk and you don’t realize that perhaps your partner doesn’t want to risk theirs. It’s okay, Sagittarius, people are not always going to be willing to commit all the crazy things you do. And not for that, your partner is going to love you or respect you less. This 2021, try to respect your partner’s comfort zone. Don’t always force her to accompany you on your moves if she doesn’t feel like it. You can also continue to enjoy your independence or hook up with other people who are not necessarily your partner. It is important that you know how to respect your partner’s decisions, Sagi, just as he/she tries to respect yours. Finding the balance is ideal in this coming year.


You are a person who loves stability, routine, and comfort. It’s okay to be like that at times, but it can affect your relationships. What may be comfortable for you, your partner, or others, can become boring, Capri. In 2021, do not be afraid to catch the fun spirit, to break with the routine and do things that you never imagined you were going to do. You need to do new things to spice up your relationship, Capricorn. Try to surprise your partner and you will make his life happier than you imagine. It’s okay to have those days when the only plan is to stay home and enjoy each other, but doing other things is also good for the relationship. In 2021, your purpose is to find alternative plans that you can do as a couple.


This year, you have to try to pay more attention to your emotions. Not only those of your partner but also yours. You have a hard time listening to your emotions. It’s a dilemma you’ve been struggling with your whole life, Aquarius, but little by little, you have to start working on it. Your purpose this 2020 is to work on empathy. You are a super-intelligent person and surely you have no problem improving what has failed so far. The first thing you should do, Aquarius, is not to neglect the communication between you and your partner. When your partner expresses his feelings, listen to everything he has to say, and try to process it. Also, take the opportunity to be more honest with what you feel. After all, a relationship is based on constant exchange.


Your problem, Pisces, is that it costs you more than you think to trust your partner. Any problem that exists between you already makes you distrust him/her a little more. What happens, Pisces is that you do not trust yourself enough and that is why it is so difficult for you to trust others. Your New Year’s resolution is to work hard on your confidence. Believe it or not, this is going to improve your relationships a lot. You will realize that this mistrust of others was due to your insecurities and your fears. This year, everything is going to change, right, Pisces? You are going to start working now to cultivate your self-love to the maximum.


The Best New Year's Purpose For Your Relationships According To Your Sign



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