The Best Moments To Show Love In 2022

With everything we have experienced, it is normal that we want to take on the world and live life to the fullest. This 2022 is strong in the field of love, anything can happen, which means that you have to keep your eyes wide open. There are more appropriate moments to show what we feel and moments in which it is better to be calm. If we pay attention to Venus and its position, we can get many clues that can help us. Venus is the planet of love and it is the star that can best guide us in love. If you want to know what are the best times to manifest love in 2022, keep reading:


2022 brings you many experiences in love, Aries. At the beginning of the year, you may have some mistakes or misunderstandings, but you will also have very good moments. You are not here to put up with the same old thing, you want new adventures and you will have them. You have to be very clear about it. In January and February, it is very likely that you will live an experience that will leave a mark on you. There you will realize that you cannot tie yourself eternally to something or someone who is not compatible with you. If there are certain tensions in love at the end of the year, turn to communication. And take the time you need to think calmly, Aries, time for yourself. Love does not have to be forced, it has to be born free…


This year is perfect to get to know yourself better and to experiment with passion. Uranus is in your sign throughout the year, so get ready because curves are coming. It will not be a quiet year, that first. You may have fresh news about someone who does not take your eyes off during the month of February. In love, as in other areas of your life, you now have priorities, so don’t cut yourself and fight for what you want. You are ON FIRE Taurus, you are a very elegant and persuasive person and others will not be able to resist your charms. In the middle of the year, you will have an unexpected visit from a ghost from the past. If it won’t let you start fresh with your life, you have to do something to chase that ghost away once and for all.


You deserve fortune in love and in all the areas you have in mind because it is time. You will be ON FIRE at many times because you want to enjoy everything to the fullest, but you have to go with a Gemini head. The months of April, May, and June are quite promising. People are usually attracted to you in one way or another, but in those months it will increase. You are also going to notice something very good in the month of November because Venus will enter Sagittarius (which is your opposite sign) and will do its thing. Either way, enjoy life and love.


This year is going to be full of signs, Cancer, you have to pay close attention to your surroundings. Listen to your heart and your intuition (especially the latter) because love is going to be a great protagonist. Beware of making hasty decisions at the beginning of the Cancer year, you have to learn to calm your nerves before acting. Mercury retrograde can have a lot to do with it, so be careful about mixing reality with fantasy. At the end of July and the beginning of August, you will feel something very strong, different, and special. It will be when you have more opportunities to express what you really feel 100%.


You have never closed yourself to meeting new people, but you want to do things well and more in love. You want this 2022 to be full of beautiful memories of stories with magic. To be honest? You don’t need exact dates that tell you when you can show what you feel and when you can’t. You do it directly, you show what you feel with total transparency because you are a free person and owner of your actions. When it comes to expressing affection you are the best. But there is something you should know: love in 2022 is presented as a roller coaster, so here is some advice that you can follow if you want. Starting in February, ask yourself this question: “Is my love definitive?”


Love has changed you, it has taught you, it made you strong and it has given you many joys. It has left its mark on you at times and will leave you stunned on many other occasions throughout 2022. You will not believe it, but very good Virgo moments come, of course, you deserve it more than ever. The months of April and May can be quite intense for you thanks to an unexpected connection with someone unexpected. A season full of hope and much love is coming for you. The month of September can also be quite promising, so let your feelings set the pace. Let your interior enjoy as it deserves.


2022 is quite good for your pleasure, Libra, love can be a great protagonist in your life. At the beginning of the year, it is highly recommended that you start by knowing what you really want. What are you looking for? You have to be very clear about the answer because what you cannot do is waste time. At the end of February, you may find the answer to that question. Many good things are going to happen during your season. Some you will not believe how good they are, that’s why it is a perfect time for you to express what you really feel for someone special. Leave prejudices aside Libra, love is blind and here nobody is perfect, so let yourself go…


Since the beginning of the year, you can already manifest what you have inside because you have entered intensely and that will be your hallmark. This year you not only want to express your love to your partner, but you also want to do it with the people who are part of your life. Your family, your friends, or your colleagues, feel the need to make the most of every second at their side. 2022 comes with great challenges for you, you just want your connections to be more special than ever. At the end of April, Pluto (your ruler) is retrograde and with it, a door from the past will open. There it is better to meditate and reflect to heal and not manifest anything. The rest of the year you can do what you feel like at the moment, but your star opportunity is at the beginning of your season in October.


Jupiter is your ruling planet and it will be a great protagonist in 2022. And what does this mean? That you will have very good moments in many areas of your life, it’s about time, right? Let us begin. January and February have prepared something very special for you: the opportunity to create a very special connection with someone unexpected. Dedicate yourself to yourself, to your pleasure, and to what you really want right now. Express what you feel, either alone or with someone, but don’t leave anything inside Sagittarius. Do it with that special connection or whoever you want, but do it. The month of April can be full of magical moments, incredible moments…


This year has to be full of good things for you, and it will be. In love, you have to get rid of the ideas that you already have in your head. As you start with very high expectations, bad, you know. It is better that you adopt a more relaxed attitude from the beginning of the year and that no matter what has to happen. The months of April and May can be quite interesting for you. Express what you feel at all times, and if it doesn’t have to be 100%, nothing happens. You will have the opportunity to let yourself be carried away at the end of the year, in your season. Good things sometimes take time, you know. The important thing is that you are satisfied with what you do and say at all times, Capricorn.


From this precise moment, you can show everything you feel right now. This year is going to mark a before and after in your life, so hold on Aquarius, trust in the bright side of things. Inside you, there are sensations almost impossible to describe with words. It is a mixture of emotion with fear and a bit of adrenaline, due to the speed of some moments of your life. Be that as it may, you are going to experience new things for yourself, and you have to be patient. The beginning of the year is not what you expected, but little by little you will go further. The Christmas season of the year is also a good opportunity for you to recover a brutal connection that you have with someone special to you.


2022 is going to be a very special year for you. In it, you will find one of the great loves of your life. The exact date on which it will happen cannot be said, it is better that you enjoy the moment and let life surprise you. Everything will be fine, Pisces, trust that balance and harmony can come to your love life. From June to the end of the year, Neptune retrogrades, and that will lead you into endless emotional loops and pure confusion. Come on, you better do what you have to do before it starts if you want everything to be easy, of course. If you like excitement and risk, do it and wait for the results of that action. You have been warned, Pisces.


The Best Moments To Show Love In 2022

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