1. Libra

A Libra man has all he needs, he can make love tenderly as much as realize your romantic pleasure.

For him, the most important is mutual pleasure, and it is possible that he is even more focused on your pleasure than on his own.

Libra are creative by nature, and they have that same creativity in their house.

You can always expect something new and exciting every time you see yourself.

They are extremely patient and will never rush things. They know that the best things in life happen spontaneously.

One of their best features is the fact that they live day-to-day, and when it comes to making love, you can really feel that there are only two of you.

Nothing else can touch you or ruin this perfect moment of romantic connection.

2. Leo

If you want to be treated like a queen, share your time with a king. Lions will focus on your pleasure.

They want to make a good impression and will do everything so that their relation wants more.

They like to be the best in everything they do. And love is part of it and is at the top of their list of priorities.

Lions who are bad at some points are rare, and you can not judge all the pride of lions because of a single bad kitten.

Lions are dominant, passionate, and dedicated. Now imagine all these traits directed towards your pleasure only. There is no chance he will fail.

3. Scorpion

Scorpions carry the most passionate astrological sign. They are just as passionate about life as they are at home. They do not like mediocre things.

That’s why they will be one hundred percent as long as they are with you.

They have impressive feelings and they will never let an opportunity to get romantic and become a lover.

They are loyal and dedicated by nature. That’s why most of them prefer to make love than having cheated.

They are well aware that the practice makes perfect, so they will focus on satisfying their partner in a healthy relationship.

4. Taurus

Who would have thought that there was so much heat behind Taurus’ hard exterior?

He is a very tender lover and always ready for a good hug session right after the act.

If you prefer a lover for life rather than a lover for your whole life, Taurus is your man.

The connection between the Bulls and Venus makes them wanting stability and love, and they are usually more interested in making things meaningful than just realizing them.

That’s why they put their body, their heart and their soul throughout love with their partner.

Instead of being obsessed with their own needs and desires, the Bulls listen to what you have to say, and they do their best to achieve it.

It is their ability to listen that makes them beautiful lovers.

5. Aquarius

Aquarius is like a breath of fresh air. He is open-minded and, by default, open to new ideas. He’s innovative, and you never know what new romantic idea he’s going to invent.

As if that were not enough, Aquarius is truly a disinterested lover, and he will focus solely on your pleasure.

He is intelligent and insightful and therefore able to feel all your desires.

Just by watching the movements of your body and the subtle tips you give him, he will know everything you want him to do, and he will follow them to the letter.

6. Sagittarius

For a Sagittarius, the romantic act begins with the conversation. He will really talk to you and you will want him even before he has convinced you.

He believes that by raising the romantic tension he will make the whole situation good, and if you play the game, you will discover early enough that he is right.

Sagittarians have an undeniable sense of humor, and it’s not just their tool of persuasion.

They can joke to get out of an embarrassing situation, which is a practical tool that will make you feel more comfortable and more relaxed and closer to each other.

7. Aries

Aries is one of the most romantically dominant signs, and if you do not mind being romantic, they are perfect for you.

If you too are dominant then you will not be compatible unless you can make him believe that he is in charge and that all his desires come true.

A man Aries likes to feel desirable and desired, and if you give him some compliments, he will ask you for more.

8. Pisces

Pisces privilege friendship and love for physical friendship.

They will put much more effort into an emotional friendship rather than a romantic friendship, which is not bad if they are in a relationship with someone who has a similar love.

He needs time to feel at ease, and he may be a bit reserved at first, but as things progress he will start to open up and show his perverse side of love that he has hidden.

9. Gemini

A Gemini man may be the best you’ve ever had or the worst you’ve ever had, and it will depend on his mood.

His double personality is devious, so everything will depend on whether he will feel like a lover or an observer.

If he is in an observer mode, then he will be an extremely selfish lover, and he will be interested only in all the means of which you will be able to satisfy it without taking into account your needs.

If he is in lover mode, he will be completely in the game, and he will put all his game to satisfy all your desires.

It will be engaging and will not limit romance to the house solo.

Once his imagination begins to work, he has no limit, and you will find yourself making love in the strangest places.

10. Cancer

The reason the Cancer man is so low in this list is his over-reflected nature.

He is passionate enough and creative enough to provoke fireworks in your head, but once he gets lost in his mind, he becomes virtually useless.

He can not change his way of thinking, and he looks too deeply at things.

Nor can he leave all his problems aside and live in the moment if something is bothering him, so love will not be possible until he has solved them.

11. Capricorn

Eternally busy, Capricorn has almost no time to make love, and what places it so low on the list is its inability to find time for its partner and the most beautiful things in life.

He has romantic desires like any other man, but he can spend a lot of time without being friends with anyone.

If you go out with a Capricorn, remind him to relax a bit. His work will not run away, but the finer things in life will do, so much so that he benefits as long as he has the time.

12. Virgo

Subject to deep analysis and criticism, a Virgo man can take away all the pleasure of close friendship.

Her desire to be perfect and to find a perfect partner can really be a burden for the whole relationship.

It is rational and, in his opinion, love represents only 30% of a relationship, and many women would disagree with that.

He will not think much about it and the act will be his only romantic act.

He does not take love lightly and he is afraid of Disease, so do not be surprised if he asks you to get tested before going to love.

Do not blame him. He thinks too neatly, and he does not let love disturb his judgment.



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