When couples in love have children, they are faced with many important decisions that have to be made before the birth.

One of these decisions relates to the baby’s name and is one of the toughest decisions for many parents.

The choice is huge these days. Parents can choose modern, classic, traditional, or even foreign names.

When mothers-to-be get to this point in pregnancy, they are also likely to ask their partner or family members for suggestions and ideas.

You can also look up some popular first name books or even search the internet for popular baby names before making your final decision.

The parents-to-be choose a name for their baby that corresponds to their own preferences and desires.

Finding the right name for the offspring often turns out to be not that easy.

After all, the name should not only sound beautiful, but also be extraordinary , because it will accompany the child throughout their life.

Also, if you are looking for the perfect name for your baby, you should also take a look at the stars on this important decision for inspiration and choosing the name of your offspring based on their zodiac sign .

If the zodiac sign can give us details about a person’s future, why shouldn’t it also help us choose a baby’s name?

The zodiac sign is the perfect starting point for finding the right name for your baby, because certain names go particularly well with each zodiac sign.

Here you can find out the right names for your baby – according to his zodiac sign!


Maiden name: Anna

The typical Aries is full of energy and has a particularly dynamic personality. The name Anna reflects the strength and ambition of the Aries.

If you are looking for a name for your little girl born in Aries, then this name is perfect for your brave and determined daughter.

Boy’s name: Max

The monosyllabic name Max is ideal for a boy with the zodiac sign Aries. Max comes from the name Maximilian and means “the greatest”.

This boy has a lot of strength and courage and is destined to be great at everything he does.

Aries are confident and impulsive and are considered to be very successful people.

With such character traits, you can be sure that your little boy will be brave, active, and stand out from the crowd.


Girl name: Olivia

Taurus-born people are notable for their diligence and discipline, but are also known for their tenacity and stubbornness.

They are also true connoisseurs and have an eye for beautiful things. They know that it’s the little things that make life meaningful in the first place.

The name “Olivia” is a symbol of peace and life and works very well for a Taurus girl.

Boy’s name: Alexander

Taurus are a very down to earth and persistent zodiac sign.

According to astrology, you have a strong protective instinct and both family members and friends can always rely on you.

Alexander is a strong name that will represent and honor the past.

The name Alexander means “the protector” and it might be a perfect name for a little Taurus boy who always feels the need to be surrounded by love and beauty.


Girl name: Zoey

Versatile, sociable and open to everything are three qualities that perfectly describe the zodiac sign Gemini.

They love the variety in life and everything that takes a long time triggers boredom for them.

The girls born under this zodiac sign need a first name that makes them unique. The trendy first name Zoey is perfect for this.

Boy’s name: Luis

Geminis are very curious and inquisitive, and make contact with other people very easily.

Gemini children are never sluggish, they are always cheerful and friendly and love to entertain their parents or even strangers.

The first name Luis reflects these characteristics most aptly.

Luis will be a boy who is open and ready for whatever life brings him.


Girl name: Julia

Cancer children are empathetic and love to be gently caressed and cuddled with.

They love to feel secure and are constantly looking for physical contact with their mother. For girls with the zodiac sign of Cancer, the best name is Julia, which is inspired by art and literature.

When we think of the name Juliet, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet.

The name Julia means “the happy one” and sums up her personality.

Boy’s name: Henry

When choosing a name for a boy, you should take inspiration from eclectic poets, authors or kings.

The name Henry comes from the old High German form “Heimerich” and means “fighter of the home”.

Cancer-borns are very attached to their home and only feel safe and secure there.

This name goes particularly well with Cancer children because it shows their protective and loyal side.


Maiden name: Viktoria

Leo is one of the bravest astrological signs. People born under this sign love the spotlight and are incredibly happy to be the center of attention.

A Leo daughter will crave attention from the day she is born.

Viktoria means “the winner” and brings just the right amount of creativity that the lions need in their lives.

Boy’s name: Leonard

Leo-born are very confident and strong-willed and always expect everything to revolve around them.

As they were born under the sign of the sun, fieriness and warmth are typical traits.

The old high German name “Leonard” means “the strong lion” and goes perfectly with your little lion.


Girl name: Isabella

Virgos are hardworking and intelligent. They are down to earth and very loyal and enjoy the finer things in life.

The name of your baby, born under the zodiac sign Virgo, is said to reflect authenticity and beauty.

Isabella is an excellent choice for a virgin, because this name also adorned many queens.

The name is a variation of Isabel, which comes from Elisabeth and means “devoted to God”.

Boy’s name: Lukas

Virgo-borns are very intelligent and inquisitive. That is why they always try to learn and further educate themselves as much as possible.

In addition, they are very practical and well organized so that they have complete control over their lives.

The name Lukas comes from the Greek and means “the shining one” and reflects the typical characteristics of a virgin boy.


Girl name: Dina

Libra-born strive for harmony and balance in their life. They are very friendly and attach great importance to elegance and their appearance.

You avoid conflicts and always want to please everyone.

The first name Dina fits in with the just and peace-loving nature of the Libra girls.

It is a short form of Diana and means “the judge”, which represents the sense of justice.

Boy’s name: Noah

Libra children are very balanced and happy and long for a harmonious environment.

Thanks to their adorable charm, they are popular everywhere and have a strong appeal.

Her pronounced sense of fairness and balance is reflected in the name Noah, which means “bring calm”.


Girl name: Naomi

Scorpios often have great personalities. They’re a little mysterious and emotional, but also extremely intelligent.

There is no denying how determined and assertive Scorpios can be, but at the same time we must not forget that the Scorpio-natives are also calm and trustworthy.

This is why you should choose a name for your daughter that suits her own wild and passionate personality.

Boy’s name: Josef

Scorpios are brave and full of energy. You are dynamic and do not shy away from any challenges.

Scorpio-born beings are considered to be stormy beings and they do and feel everything with great passion.

The Hebrew name Joseph, which stands for “dynamism”, is particularly suitable for Scorpio boys to express these character traits.


Girl name: Charlotte

You are always optimistic and in a good mood. Sagittarians are known to be freedom-loving and cosmopolitan, and they see the world as an endless opportunity for discovery and travel.

You should choose a name for your little girl that reflects her own adventurous personality.

Charlotte means “the free one” and is also a common name for members of the royal family, so is perfect for a Sagittarius girl.

Boy’s name: Anton

Sagittarius boys are optimistic and sparkle with joie de vivre. They love their freedom and are very adventurous.

That’s why they need an expressive and hearty name.

This fire sign wants a constant connection with the world and needs a lot of space and freedom of movement to be happy.


Maiden name: Eva

The Capricorn is success-oriented and someone who can do whatever they want. You are very ambitious, determined and practical.

For your Capricorn daughter, you should choose a strong name that reflects her determination and down-to-earth attitude.

The name Eve occurs in the Old Testament book of Genesis and means “life”.

Boy’s name: Andreas

Capricorns are considered reliable people to turn to when you need help solving a problem or overcoming an obstacle.

You do everything you can to be successful in every area of ​​life.

With a strong name like Andreas, the little Capricorn boy is sure to be solid as a rock for his friends and family members.


Maiden name: Anais

Aquarius born are some of the most creative people. You are emotionally intelligent and intuitive.

You can’t put an end to your creativity because it gushes out of you day in, day out. They often see life as one big art project.

Anais is a lovely name and comes from the very creative and talented French writer Anais Nin.

The name means “graceful” and is both unique and progressive, just like the typical Aquarian born.

Boy’s name: Karl

Aquarius-born are very highly intellectual and are considered to be deep thinkers.

People who were born under the sign of Aquarius are very strong-willed and freedom-loving.

You long for adventure and independence and want to see the world from an early age.

That’s why the historical name Karl fits your little Aquarius boy perfectly. Karl means “the free” and is an Old High German name made famous by Charlemagne.


Girl name: Mina

Pisces are very sensitive and compassionate. They need a lot of affection and love from their parents and prefer to lie cuddled in their arms.

Their sensitivity and intuition make them aware of other people’s feelings and they always strive to respond to their needs.

They are characterized by a high level of creativity and that is why parents should also be creative when choosing a name for their offspring.

Mina is an elegant name, the meaning of which is derived from the old German word Minne – “love” and fits perfectly with her romantic and dreamy nature.

Boy’s name: Mario

Pisces boys, as true sensitive ones, long for caresses and tenderness.

They are imaginative beings and need their freedom to develop creatively.

Your planet is Neptune and as a watermark you feel most comfortable in the water.

The name Mario means “man from the sea” and is ideal for your fish offspring.


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