If the partner lives in another city, this can be exhausting and costly. This can save you money when planning your trip

Planning a trip is not always easy when it comes to long-distance relationships

Every second German has had a long-distance relationship. The fact that love at a distance can be really expensive often leads to problems. Graduate psychologist and relationship advisor Markus Ernst and the travel search engine momondo.de have put together tips for a long-distance relationship that works:

1. Calculate time and costs

The spatial distance between partners is growing ever more frequently. Mostly to blame are changes of job and place of residence. “As unromantic as it sounds: Good planning is the be-all and end-all for a long-distance relationship that works,” says Markus Ernst. “So that the relationship does not break at the number of kilometers, you should budget well with your own energy and costs,” says the relationship advisor.

2. Schedule regular meetings

Physical closeness is incredibly important in a partnership, ”emphasizes Ernst. Therefore, try to plan regular real-life meetings with your partner. Digital aids such as Facetime or Skype make communication easier, but they cannot replace a real meeting. “When the next reunion is already in sight, frustration does not even arise and planning for the upcoming meeting increases the anticipation.”

3. Book early and save

Many couples in a long-distance relationship have to overcome long spatial distances in order to be able to embrace. On average, there are 650 kilometers between the lovers. Visiting each other, be it by car or plane, is an expensive endeavor. Sarah Kolind, momondo spokeswomen for Germany, recommends: “So that the relationship doesn’t fail because of money, it pays to plan – and book – a few weeks in advance. The latest flight study by momondo has shown that if you book exactly 56 days before departure, you save an average of 28 percent on the flight price. “

4. Weekends vary

Do you only ever meet at your partner’s home? The routine that creeps in can quickly lead to boredom. Why don’t you just travel to another place for a weekend. Maybe you just meet in the middle or spend the weekend on a city trip in London, Paris or Rome. A short vacation together not only provides variety, but also strengthens the sense of togetherness.


The best 4 tips for a relaxed long-distance relationship

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