The beauty of the strong and passionate Leo woman

The Leo woman is one of the most admirable women in the entire zodiac.

Not only does she have wonderful traits that simply pull her right into her orbit, but she also has an aura that no other zodiac sign has.

When she is in your presence, she instantly warms up the whole room and exudes positivity.

This makes it easy to spot a Leo, because they laugh louder than any other zodiac sign and rarely appear depressed or downcast.

Their positivity powers their whole being and is the main reason they get on easily in life.

Nothing bad or difficult to face in their life will make them despair knowing that life is like a play.

This tendency is related to Aries people as well, but with a difference in that Aries people are always pessimistic about the outcome, while Leos never doubt that it will be positive.

If you have a Leo woman as a friend, you may also find that they are headstrong, social, full of zest for life, and have a desire to be admired by others.

Even if they don’t like someone, they like the thought that they might pay attention to them.

Leo-borns are just like that, admired by everyone but not really close to anyone.

They only ever have a close group of friends that they spend most of their time with, but on their birthday the whole globe suddenly pops up.

That’s because they are natural entertainers and just live for excitement and art.

Often they are also performers, musicians, dancers or comedians because they simply know how to put on a show and entertain others.

Her charming personality can make you wonder how someone so confident could even exist.

The Leo woman is caring, too, and it won’t take long before she becomes an important part of your life.

Leo women truly care about others and their feelings, and so are wonderful friends and partners too.

1. The Leo woman is strong in opinion and never plays the role of victim

There is no woman as confident as the Leo woman.

She has her own opinion about life and a strong sense of justice.

Whenever a man tries to control her, she reacts instantly and shows who is in charge.

This is especially true of a man trying to tell her how to live her life.

It is almost impossible to influence her, and her friends do not even try, knowing full well that she is not that naive.

She fights for freedom and independence and is rarely seen as she judges others.

This is because she is too focused on the good things in life and moving forward with her goals.

On the way to her goals, she still wants to have a lot of fun, so judging, controlling, and limited people are not relevant to her.

2. The Leo woman is positive and confident in every way

Positivity is something that Leo women take for granted.

When they start a conversation, it’s never really about things that are negative or depressing, but rather about things that are uplifting and inspiring.

They seldom like spreading negativity even when experiencing it, knowing that life just works that way.

People who have the honor of being their friends also enjoy their great sense of humor and feeling of total acceptance.

Interestingly, Leo women never try to make anyone feel small or unworthy, and so their superior existence while elevating others is an example of true self-awareness.

They are so incredibly safe and happy with themselves that they don’t even try to tail someone and make life difficult for them.

A Leo may get angry if someone cheats on them, but they will never take revenge, they just won’t show them the same respect.

Your main goal in life is to connect with people who are equally positive and interesting.

These connections can lead to wonderful memories, that is, when people are ready to accept a Leo’s friendship.

Otherwise, they will always be limited in everything they think and do.

3. The Leo woman is protective of those she loves 

The Leo woman is not only an extremely loyal friend and partner, but also very protective of those she loves.

If someone speaks badly of their loved ones, no matter how bad it turns out, she will defend them.

Hardly anyone manages to hurt the one she loves because she stands up so hard for what is right.

This woman hates aggressive people who bully others who are weaker and especially men who hurt women.

This is why she is a true protector, and this trait is especially evident when she becomes a mother.

She teaches her children to be independent and to defend their point of view, but she also refuses to let anyone harm them.

The Leo woman is that strong mother who teaches you a verbal lesson when harassing her son or daughter who will hardly be forgotten.

The Leo woman doesn’t like quarrels or fights, but if you need one, you’d better run away.

She will make you feel so ashamed of your negative actions that you will reconsider getting in her way.

4. The Leo woman knows how to emphasize her own beauty

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to fashion, but Leos really never dress like everyone else.

They are not victims of the latest trends and only ever wear clothes that they really feel comfortable in.

Their style is timeless and casual, and they wear a lot of basics but with a ton of additional accessories.

They often like to wear hats, scarves and, above all, sunglasses, without which they never leave home.

As for their hairstyle, they mostly wear their hair in waves or in a messy braid or ponytail.

Of course, they keep their hair together with sunglasses when it’s messy.

Because of this tasteful fashion choice, others will always see them as effortlessly chic.

All the styling is also completed by applying their favourite perfume, which is sure to be felt when they give you a warm and friendly hug.

So after you have been on friendly terms with your Leo friend, her scent might haunt you after the two of you split up.

5. The Leo woman is a drama queen (In a good way, though)

Because Leo women are so sociable, they also often get involved in many interesting arguments.

You really have all of the characteristics of a main character from a movie, and at times things seem too random to be true.

Because they are so sociable, they have witnessed many dramas that affect their friends.

It is also often the case that even their personal life becomes a topic of their friends as they tell them pretty much everything that goes on in it.

They are transparent with everything, mostly because they see no harm in it.

By being so transparent, they never ask for help, they simply feel the need to share what is on their mind.

Leo women are walking storytellers who always have something exciting to tell when they meet their friends.

So if you have a Leo girlfriend, you will certainly never be bored or have nothing to talk to her about.

It takes a lifetime to listen to all of the stories a Leo has experienced.

6. The Leo woman is hardworking and never gets anything served on a silver platter

It is not common for the Leo woman to be static, nor is she ever given anything without actual exertion.

She knows that real results require real effort, and she never expects help in any form from others.

Even when things are difficult for her, she is her own saviour and fights for a better place in life.

From an early age, these women have been prepared for independence and have never been spoiled.

They have discipline and know-how to properly manage their time

So it is also common with the Leo woman that she is very social and adventurous, but also very hardworking.

She gets things done and works very hard for all she has, but she also finds enough time to party and do what she really loves.

Most of the time, these are the things that nourish your soul, like art and spending time in nature.


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