There are people who are seen coming, and people who are not seen coming. There are people who are bad from birth, and people who have been bad because of other people’s circumstances. There are people who can give you eight ZAS in a row in a single sentence, and people who prefer to act with more coldness and intelligence … Actually, there is everything in this world, but here we are going to show you the worst of each sign of the zodiac:


When you get manipulated, bad. You are fire and you like things well done. When they ignore you, you ignite and burn. You do not wait for the anger to pass, because you have a lot of temper and what you do is get more and more angry, because you want to manipulate everything, and they do not let you … Aries, you are the walking danger when they oppose you and you know it . You can not deny it. In order to get what you want, you are capable of many things.


You are dangerous because you do not see Taurus coming. You are pure mystery and you know how to act very stealthily. When you have a pending account with someone, you do not act in the moment and you do not allow yourself to be carried away by anger. On the contrary, you know how to wait, because you serve revenge in frozen avocados … You could explode the moment you get mad, of course you do, but you prefer to accumulate everything possible to explode when nobody expects it.


The bad thing about you, Gemini is not seen, it is heard. That’s right, it couldn’t be otherwise. Gemini, you have a lot, a lot of danger when you open your mouth in full anger… You can be the kindest, sympathetic and talkative thing in this world, but you also know how to be the most ironic, inconsistent with your forgiveness and damaging with your words. Especially when you feel like they are attacking you. You can make crying, and a lot …


Why do you have to be careful with yourself? Because as you cross the cable that powers the sanity of your head, bad. Very, very bad Cancer, and you know it. There is nothing that can stop you when something like this happens to you, because your temper is very difficult to silence when deep down, it wants to explode. Your mouth at a time of maximum tension, is capable of knocking out anyone and causing some tears than another, because you are going to the knife.


With you, it is scary by the good, so imagine yourself by the bad … Leo, assume that you are one of the most scary signs, you know that it is the truth. You are fire and it is literally impossible for you to stop before fully exploding. You turn on, your temper burns like no one else, and you are not aware of what you do, say or what you swear you will avenge one day … With you, not even a psychopathic kamikaze gets involved. You know.


Your coldness scares Vigo. It is not like the others. Yours gives the chills and you know it. You are the ice lady when it comes to showing and confessing what really happens to you when you are in a conflict situation. You defeat your rivals without the need to do anything. You don’t need to say a single word, because your face already says it all. Your elephant mind remembers everything, everything, everything. Revenge that you let go, revenge that you will take up again in the future.


Your specialty is creating phrases capable of carrying out three functions at the same time: cutting, impacting, and losing speech. This is Libra, your words can lead to being real daggers if you want it to be so. You cannot be seen coming, seriously, your angelic face does not make others believe that you could become such a harmful person. What they don’t know is that if you become like this, it’s for something …


When things are not going well and you have to pay because of others, danger, because you are extremely dangerous / or when things like this happen … Scorpio, you have a very Machiavellian background that can manipulate whatever it wants and always, in your own way . The worst thing you have is, in turn, one of your gifts. Do you know what it is? The power of persuasion that you squander to always get your way. Be careful with him …


You are not the most dangerous person on earth, but you are the most damaging with your words when you feel hurt and you know it. What happens to you is that you act very quickly. You let go of the first thing that comes to your head and ZAS, it goes like a poisoned dart at full speed and you know how it ends … You are only dynamite when you explode. After a while you know that you end up getting angry …


Whoever does it for you, pays for it and if they don’t, you take care of it and you know it, Capricorn. You don’t forget and you hardly ever forgive even if you say you do. You have to be very careful with you because you are not one of those people who explode in your face. No, you let everything cook very slowly … You let everything expand and your Machiavellian mind spin around, when you have it, ZAS, danger flies …


What you show on the outside, of course, has nothing to do with what you really are and feel inside and that is one of the many gifts you have, Aquarius … But why is this bad? Very simple: that way, they will never get you, especially when you decide to lie to give some spark to the boring environment that always surrounds you. There is no way to know what is cooking inside your head and that is a lot of danger Aquarius.


Pisces, the perfect angel face with the most evil and evil interior possible. That’s right, the fame you have as a sensitive and extremely good person actually does you many favors … Especially when it comes to doing your own thing, when you have to defend yourself from something that has done you a lot of harm. There, the good vibes fades and leaves space for your most evil self, the one who does not have even a corny hair …


The Bad Of Each Sign Of The Zodiac

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