Aries, everyone thinks you are an aggressive and cold person, but in reality you are a hyper passionate and sensitive person. You have a heart full of fire that prevents you from being distant and cold. You are close to the people you love the most and you have no problem showing it to them. The thing is, with people outside of your circle you’re a little colder, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings.


Taurus, everyone thinks you’re a quiet, shy person, and yes you might be at first, but what they don’t know is that when you gain confidence, you can become the most talkative and outgoing person on the planet. You enjoy being around your people and spending the whole day laughing. You are responsible for your work, but that does not mean that you are not open to others. You are pure sympathy.


Gemini, everyone thinks you’re too volatile, but you’re not. You cling very tightly to the people you really care about. It is very difficult for you to separate yourself from your closest entourage, so much so that sometimes you have a very bad time. It’s not that you’re volatile, it’s that you prefer to be natural and express what you feel in the moment before pretending something you’re not, unlike others do…


Cancer, everyone thinks it’s very difficult for you to take the initiative, but in reality you have very strong opinions and don’t let anyone disrespect you to know what you want. They believe that it is difficult for you to take the initiative because you prefer to see what others want to do, but in reality you are always the first to want to do things. You don’t like them thinking that about you because you’re not like that.


Leo, everyone thinks you’re a selfish, self-centered person, but in reality, you would do anything for the people you love. They think you’re like that because you like being the center of attention. You don’t like to go unnoticed and that can sometimes give the wrong idea, but you always give your all to others, especially to the people who have always been by your side for better or for worse.


Virgo, everyone thinks you’re an overbearing person. Yes, you like to be in control, but that doesn’t mean you like telling other people what to do with their lives. You’re a very perfectionist person and you want the best for everyone, especially the people you love, and it can sometimes feel like you’re stepping into other people’s lives, but you’re not.


Libra, everyone thinks you’re a sweet and innocent person, but in reality you have a dark side that very few know about. Yes, you are sweet and innocent, but only when you want. You’re good, but you’re not stupid at all and when they try to take advantage of you, you bring out that dark side that leaves everyone speechless because no one expects it. Never leave out this facet of yours because it is part of your essence.


Scorpio, everyone thinks you’re too carefree and funny, but really what they don’t know is that you’ve been through a lot and that’s why you’re acting that way. You’ve decided to stop caring about things and enjoy the moment because you’re tired of hurting yourself and it’s time to be happy. Don’t let anything or anyone get in your way. If you need to send someone to hell, do it.


Sagittarius, everyone thinks you’re a super outgoing, spontaneous person, but in reality, sometimes you just want to be left alone. You are a sociable person, yes, you have no problem meeting new people and making friends, but sometimes you feel like you are alone and very few people understand that. Don’t let anyone take those lonely moments away from you because they are what allow you to reflect and recharge your energy.


Capricorn, everyone thinks you’re an unpleasant and unapproachable person, but the reality is quite different. You are a person with a great sense of humor, but you only do it with your own. You like to feel comfortable opening up and letting go, and yes, you need your time, but that doesn’t mean you’re a hostile person. Don’t let gossip create a bad reputation for you.


Aquarius, everyone thinks you are a cheerful and optimistic person, but in reality there are times when doubts bring out the worst in you. Yes, you always try to think positive, but sometimes life doesn’t make it easy for you and you’re not as happy as they think you are. You need your time to process everything that is going on around you and find joy again, but you are not always a happy and optimistic person.


Pisces, everyone thinks you’re a super intuitive and kind person, but that’s not always the case. It’s true that very rarely your intuition fails, but sometimes you do and you’re not as nice as people think. There are people who piss you off and bring out the worst in you. That’s why you prefer to stay away from such people and not give them importance. You deserve to have all the peace of mind in the world, and you know it


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