What do women expect in 2020? The stars have the answer.


A ram woman loves to be praised and courted. Practiced as it is, she wants to achieve a lot in 2020. Exciting challenges can be professional as well as private, pushing the sometimes comfortable Aries woman off the sofa.

Since she loves material security above all else, she does not want to give anything away in the year 2020 and prefers to store everything for herself. Maybe that should perhaps be rethought for the Widder woman, after all, many are worse off than her! As always, she cares for her loved ones for the true coziness in the home.


The usually good-tempered bull-women have sometimes a knack for happy moves. But if they are not careful it can happen that the positive result quickly turns into a negative again. As always, she wants to be the center of attention and make great speeches – that’s her temperament.

She needs challenges, and she gets them too. But their innate curiosity can really annoy some people in their environment, and then it comes to drama. The year 2020 does not look rosy in private life. Because jealousy also plays a role.


The twin women will be particularly enterprising by 2020. But that does not mean that it works well in private life. Since Gemini women are often moody, this can put one or the other partners to flee, as even a successful job helps nothing. Although she thinks it’s good with everyone, that’s not always the case. Restraint would be better sometimes!

In the end, perhaps a separation would be the best, even if both partners defend against it. Although it does not look like a better relationship, sometimes you are easier as a single in life than a partner, with which it does not run smoothly.


The cancer woman can benefit from some lucky coincidences this year. As she likes to be the center of attention as always, she uses a lot of energy again this year. But she succeeds, and she is a brilliant winner. But since she is also comfortable and sometimes even a bit lazy, many people feel that this is unjust, and let them feel that too.

Luxury is just good enough for her, no matter what it costs. Since she likes to show herself in a condescending way in the job, she does not have to be surprised if she likes to see some of them from behind. Because even their wastefulness is not well received everywhere. It is a real challenge for the partner.


Bad events will keep the stars away from lion women in 2020 as a rule. She can look forward to a swing on the career ladder and to many new acquaintances. She is conservative as always and therefore does not have to expect big surprises.

As always, she has the overall view of what her fellow human beings greatly appreciate. If you have a permanent partner, you can get closer to it if the lion-woman allows it. On the whole, the Lion-Woman can expect an unexcited year, but now and then she has to show her loyalty.


A beautiful and exciting year awaits the maiden. There are many challenges, if not inhibitions. Her well-groomed personality and contagious cheerfulness make many unfavorable work colleagues think they can “buy” their careers.

But that is not so, and therefore she can be honest about career advancement. For the men, she is considered a dream woman, especially the singles can expect this year with the right acquaintance, which may become the man for life. Financially, after some turbulence, the end of the year can certainly be seen.


The strong-willed Libra women, as they are in the book: the year 2020, they can show what’s in it. The fears sometimes afflict the Libra women are groundless and should be kept in check as well as possible. Because if she sees reason for jealousy, revenge becomes very unpleasant.

In the job she is ready for anything this year – even to slightly crooked tours. It looks like it does not need that, and could be a legal success. Diplomacy is currently on the agenda, even if that’s not their strength. Maybe the Libra woman will use this year to learn just that.


The scorpion woman is in a class of her own. She wants to see the whole world and commit herself to nothing. She can fully live it out this year because the stars sometimes give her wings.

She is always entertaining and open to everything. Also, she always trumpets her opinion, which is not new. In some situations, she prefers to keep her mouth shut, but she should definitely learn if she wants to move forward in her job.

Since she likes to surround herself with luxury, the man who fits her should carry a heavy purse with her. However, the Scorpio woman is also willing to be diligent. And she gets all the options this year.


The Sagittarius woman is currently determined to make a career and to mobilize all her powers. However, she neglects the partner who does not necessarily find it great. That he chose a woman who is intelligent and ambitious, he knew, but so extreme …

The Sagittarius women are once again in their element when they can tactfully manage and use their razor-sharp mind. Since they are usually not in the focus of interest, and rather times others reap the laurels for them, they are happy to overlook the job.

Therefore, they are so enthusiastic that it is different this time. So, dear partner, treat your sweetheart this rush in the job, but she is very tame and cuddly with you on the weekend.


Capricorn women are open to everything. Job-wise, everything goes as planned, and makes the ladies happy. She is used to hard work, so she does not complain about it. Healthily, it looks good, although always a small setback threatens.

In love, it is not easy to find the right one, because sometimes she has a trait that makes her not exactly likable: sarcasm, and also like to laugh at others.

Only those who get to know her better know that she likes to laugh at herself. If you can make friends with your often unconventional nature, you have an equal partner in yours.


Restrained Aquarius women are on the rise this year. But even if the odds are there, her own way is always in the way, that it is difficult to catch up. Get out of the dream world, and off to real life!

This way, Aquarius women can also mobilize their creativity and thereby achieve one or the other. Men love this somewhat awkward woman who is usually very erotic.

That’s why she always finds a partner, even if that does not often last long. She should not indulge in depressive mood swings, because sooner or later they can lead to real illnesses.


The fish-women is generally said that they can put so much on the proverbial legs. This is possible again this year, if the fish-woman gets along with it, that it could also go a little quieter.

But all in all, the fish-ladies are on the road again this year with the tailwind, and convinced of themselves as ever. She expects recognition and praise as always; Woe that does not get her! Fish-women want to head through the wall – but beware, that can also bring a few injuries!

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