It is true that no one knows us better than ourselves. So we usually act on our own discretion, fully convinced that we are doing our best. And ignoring the good advice of people who love us and also know us well. Time sometimes puts a reality ahead of us, that we don’t like and that we could have changed if we had listened to those friends. Is this the advice they gave you, that you didn’t listen to and now you regret ?


That you left a relationship that did not suit you . Aries, your will is so powerful and your decisions are sometimes so forceful that there is nothing or no one to make you change your mind. You are so sure of what you are doing that you do not admit to varying the course you have chosen one bit. But you know, that sometimes, there are relationships so harmful for you that you have to let them go, you have to stop giving them that last chance. And instead of getting angry with those who put reality ahead of you, let them get closer to them, and drive away that person who has you so exhausted but to whom you are not able to say goodbye. Also, clinging to toxic relationships does not go with you, Aries, be you, love yourself and return to your life as soon as possible.


That you did not mix love with work. Taurus, you like a job well done and stable and sincere relationships, as it should be. Sometimes, however, you let your work interfere in a relationship, and you end up having problems with your partner. Or you let a partner absorb you so much that you neglect your obligations. Or, and this is the last straw, you start a relationship with someone at work and then everything is blown up. Don’t you already know that you are better when you focus on something and not when you do twenty things at the same time? Well, when you let parts of your life that are important to you mix and overlap, it ends up affecting you, and you end up finding yourself in a situation that at least is going to cause you a lot of uneasiness, if not something worse.


That you were more daring when meeting new people. This advice seems incredible that someone had to give it to you, Gemini , and that you rejected it. But, recognize that sometimes, to ensure fun, entertainment, a conversation or the plans that you like, you always interact with the same people. You settle in with them knowing that what they offer you is good, and you think that why try a lot and end up hitting boring people. You have plenty of friends so you have enough to enjoy what you have, but staying in your comfort zone may be preventing you from meeting someone to go out and have a good bit of adventure. Dare today. Lucky!


Don’t forget about yourself and what YOU want. Tell the truth, Cancer , how many times have you heard this advice in your life? Many, right? There must be a reason. And it is that you tend to forget about yourself frequently, to dedicate yourself to others, and then, when you do not receive anything in return, you explode. Give less to them, give yourself more, and don’t go over the edge. Manage the situation and dose everything you give to others. Even as a teacher: who better behaves, more caramelito. And whoever misbehaves, punished. And convince yourself more times that you are someone independent, strong and that you deserve everything, so you don’t have to settle for less. Your dreams are as important as helping your partner fulfill his. Do not forget.


That you leave that person so cool but so unsuitable for you. And is that you, Leo Sometimes you let yourself be dazzled by very charismatic people, with a lot of personality and who make you dream of thousands of good moments between the two of them. Dreams that fall like plates to the ground when that person is a selfish being who is not going to give you anything that you like. You like relationships with a lot of exchange, a lot of contact, a lot of affection and plans and social life. So it is a mistake to insist on staying with people who only do their thing, who only want you to give them, and who do not think to give you much in return. Because you will end up suffering. Don’t be dazzled by anyone, Leo. You, for example, dazzle a lot but when you are known, the best comes. You are generous and loving, committed and good people. Well, it demands that they give you the same. And if not, door!


That you will not let yourself be absorbed by the emotions of your partner. Virgo , you are someone very happy with yourself. You like how you are, you like how you handle yourself in life, how you relate and how you solve your problems. You are more mental than emotional and that makes you keep a distance from situations to be able to analyze them and not to contaminate yourself with them and err in your assessment. But of course, your partner, for whom you would give your life if it were necessary for the love you have for him, is still someone more emotional and dramatic. And you end up being a mess for letting him involve you in his dramas, his way of seeing life, his exaggerated sensitivity and a thousand other things that you impregnate yourself and then you don’t know how to handle. Put distance, Virgo, that safe distance that goes so well for everything in life.


Don’t be so demanding . Yes, Libra, you are very demanding sometimes. And the truth is that you have to be demanding in life, because those will make us filter and will make us not settle for the first thing they offer us. But do you know what happens to you? That you are someone very accessible, friendly, close, easy… and in the face of all the signs that you send out of good vibes, then it is a bit shocking that you get so demanding with some people. And sometimes you do, you don’t listen to someone who tells you to loosen up, and it is not known if by growing up, if by stubbornness or because your defense mechanisms play a trick on you, you push the limit of not giving in. And you become almost inaccessible on some topics. It is time to reconsider. That’s all. You owe it to yourself, and you owe it to some of the people you have cut off from your life.


That you stop licking the wounds of the past. Because you can, but sometimes it seems like you don’t want to, Scorpio. There are relationships in your life that because they hurt you a lot, they remain etched on your skin, and the mark they leave is paid by continuous nostalgia but also negative thoughts, a certain resentment and little desire to leave that matter completely in oblivion. And you could if you wanted, because you have a character that is a luxury, strong and with initiative, brave and resistant. Why this self-punishment? If you think about it, who you do the most harm is yourself. Those who hurt you are surely living so quietly without thinking about your suffering. Now, if you think you should do it at once, and you are going to close many pages of the past, this is good news. It is never late if happiness is good. And that advice that someone gave you you have to accept for now and forever.


Don’t be so afraid to commit to a relationship. It is true, Sagittarius, that you like to go your own way so much that love relationships give you a certain laziness at first, a certain fear later when they get serious, and a certain respect when there are already many feelings and you begin to want to get out of in a hurry. But you always end up doing it well, so many of those fears you could have already overcome. And another thing: with how brave you are, how can you be so afraid of all that love and commitment? If you also know how to enjoy it as a couple so much that when you don’t have it, you even miss it. Take off mental rolls, because that is what they are, traps in your head so as not to leave the comfort zone. Be brave, you know how to do it, and run to eat the world by mouth with that person you are beginning to love so much.


That you can’t control the world. And although it sounds forceful, with you you have to tell the truth in all its letters. Capricorn, it is known that you like to control, decide, command and organize. That with your life, but a bit also putting your hand in the lives of others. Well, recognize that when you ignore that advice, you end up frustrated because you cannot cover the sun with one finger. You have the potential and charisma to achieve many things in this life, many many, but not all. And thinking yes, and ignoring the advice that tells you no and no, is a mistake. Because you keep going, you go forward, and you almost break the wall, but in the end, you have to go back, because it is impossible for you to go through it. You have to accept your limitations. Be aware of it and learn so that it does not happen to you again. Deep down, it is to continue being who you are, with so many and so many values, but accepting those limits, just that.


That you deny yourself losing your mind in a relationship. This advice, Aquarius, is the one that you have been given lots of times and you have hardly left the other person to finish the sentence. No, no and no, you said. You want to get on with your life, and love either robs you of life, or makes you upset, and since you haven’t done well before, you think that will repeat itself over and over again. Badly done. The first thing because life sometimes surprises you, but apart is that the heart does not listen to reasons, and when you try to silence it, the only thing you get is more frustrated. And you neither relax loving nor are you happy alone, because inside you think if you have done well or not. Take stock of your previous relationships and surely there is more good than bad, but you have stayed with the bad because it is more comfortable and also because what you do not control, you think that you regain control when you deny it.


Don’t be afraid of being single.Because Pisces, recognizes that you are always wanting to fall in love, play the game of love, get excited, have someone in mind … and usually between what you dream and what you achieve, you do well. But sometimes you get very frustrated when you are alone, and when there is no one to feed your dreams and your desires. Those who tell you to enjoy being alone do not tell you so that you can abandon your desire to have a relationship forever, only that you relax while the right person arrives and that you also enjoy being single, because those stages are also productive. You can learn many things from them, especially to get to know yourself better and also enjoy friends or family, whom you sometimes forget when you are in love. In addition, you will love being able to become more independent,


The Advice That They Gave You, You Did Not Listen And Now You Repent

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