The 7 Couples Of The Zodiac That Get On Like The Dog And The Cat

Get On Like The Dog And The Cat

The 7 Couples Of The Zodiac That Get On Like The Dog And The Cat

Many talks about couples who seem to be taken from magazines, look perfect holding hands, and even synchronize their laughter. It is impossible that they do not make you believe in love again, but… there are also those who always argue about everything, their relationship is chaotic, however, they have such good moments that they do not want to or cannot leave each other. They are the  7 zodiac couples who get along like cats and dogs, who experience hard things, and at the same time love each other in such a passionate and intense way that it is scary that theirs will end in a tragic outcome. Exactly, like cats and dogs. 

1.- Scorpio and Aries  

The attraction that arose between these two souls from the first moment was overwhelming. Each saw their best version in the other and simply fell in love. There is no doubt that they love each other so much, but their personalities tend to clash all the time. To begin with, their bad mood is noticeable in every gesture and it is enough for one of the two to disagree on something for the battle to start. However, what happens during the day is forgotten in bed, because their connection under the sheets is incredible, they read each other’s minds and they don’t leave each other wanting for anything. It is difficult for the bond to last, they need to give in from time to time because it is not about dominating the other. 

2.- Cancer and Aquarius  

A strange relationship, but very genuine. When Aquarius and Cancer connect soul to soul, they are able to put aside all kinds of superficialities in order to delve into the most profound emotions. His way of loving is soft, confident, and very charming. However, Aquarius is too independent for Cancer’s liking and that can make him feel insecure. It is a sign that he loves to be shown affection and Aquarius struggles to show his feelings, although he honestly goes out of his way for Cancer’s love. That leads them to constant dramas where insensitivity is the main problem, but at the end of the day, they realize they can’t live without each other. 

3.- Sagittarius and Taurus 

Like water and oil, but they are so smart that they know very well how to find the middle ground so that their love thrives. Theirs begins as an uncontrollable flare, they find in the other the contrast of their personality and that becomes very attractive because they are not bored with anything in the world. For his part, Taurus has a very homely touch, he likes future relationships, and when he loves he is not afraid of commitment. He wants stability and to know that the person he fell in love with will wake up next to him every morning. However, Sagittarius can feel too much pressure with that, because he does not want to be tied down. It’s not that he doesn’t love Taurus, but he needs to breathe freely. If the two talk about their fears, theirs can work. 

4.- Aries and Taurus 

Although Aries and Taurus appear to be black and white at first glance, they actually have many similarities that hold them together. They are signs of the zodiac with unlimited ambition and that helps so that when they set their mind to something they do not give up until they achieve it. Their willpower prevents them from throwing their relationship overboard, but they have times when they don’t want to see each other even in paint. Theirs are like cats and dogs, especially since Aries has very unpredictable outbursts that make Taurus’s nerves go haywire. Taurus is the one who calms the relationship, but his patience levels can’t always handle the fury of Aries. That’s why Taurus better walk away until everything happens. 

5.- Capricorn and Sagittarius 

What are the things in life, Capricorn, is always focused on everything being perfect, without missing a single detail and ignoring any kind of distraction, but… he ends up falling in love with a Sagittarius, someone who reminds him that living is not about the plan because you can miss the most important moments. Capricorn wants the familiar and the routine, but Sagittarius breaks it without fear and launches into the new, which fills his steps with surprises. The friction between the two is constant because they have a hard time reaching a middle point. In the end, one of the two ends up giving in, because they love each other too much and choose each other above all else. 

6.- Leo and Virgo 

The fact that Leo and Virgo venture into a relationship in such a cynical way is proof that they are very brave and love challenges. They are not foolish at all and they realize from the first moment that theirs is going to require effort from both of them. For starters, they are very proud, love to be right, and hate it when anyone contradicts them. Imagine two people like that in the same room, it’s inevitable that moods don’t rise. The bad thing is that if they are not controlled, very hurtful things can be said to each other, which over time accumulate and end up destroying the love they had for each other. 

7.- Libra and Cancer 

A relationship can go from being perfect to silence which makes those around you feel uncomfortable. The Cancer and Libra thing is very pure. It really is their hearts full of kindness and love that decide to unite as one. However, there is something that can distance them forever and many times they don’t even notice it. They both have a hard time dealing with confrontation, It’s not that they argue all the time, it’s that they keep quiet that hurts them, makes them angry, or makes them cry. Theirs is genuine, but they need to strengthen the bond of loyalty or they will end up living as strangers. Libra is very accommodating, but if Cancer doesn’t say what she wants she can’t guess. It’s no use for her to pretend that everything is fine between them when it isn’t. The only thing that will happen with that behavior is that trust is over. 

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