As the year comes to an end, some of you might be breathing a sigh of relief. After all, it feels like 2019 has pummelled you into the ground and life definitely decided to throw you rocks, instead of lemons… a whole truckload of them. For certain zodiac signs, these challenges were definitely threatening to take you down.  But somehow, you managed to bounce back, though it was not without its difficulties.

1. Aries

You’re the kind of person who enjoys taking on adventures. Usually, exciting experiences seem to flock to you like birds. But 2019 was a challenge. It saw you grounded and burdened with responsibilities that didn’t allow you the time you would have taken to enjoy life the way you usually do. Yet, you might even be grateful for it, because it probably helped you deepen your bonds with your loved ones and learn how to take the pressure without crumbling. You found where you truly belong.

2. Gemini

When you are with a group of people, no matter the size, you tend to captivate people with your intelligence and wit. But in the last year, that ease with which you flitted between groups faltered. The stress that was placed on you by others might have made you feel stuck and unable to really communicate with others. You felt the pressing need to be on your own for a while. This may have been a blessing in disguise because it’s been a while since you spent time with yourself. Additionally, it gave you the opportunity to really understand and take care of your own needs.

3. Leo

You have this charm that not everyone can replicate. While some of you are vocal about it, some of you might be more subtle. But no matter how you expressed yourself, you were the true glue that held the party together. Somehow though, this year has taken its toll on you. Being around others has been exhausting and having to cater to them without them asking after you, can be painful. However, it’s because of that, you discovered the immense strength you have in you to take all that hurt and rise stronger from it. This strength is what will help you power through 2020.

4. Virgo

For you, being practical, logical and organized is just a part of your nature. And your loved ones truly are in awe of your ability to stay calm under stress. But 2019 might have been the toughest time you’ve ever been through. Filled with confusion and anxiety, the chaos around you threatened to drown you. However, in all of this, you might have discovered a side of you that you may not have known you had — a good sense of wit and humor. Though it may seem insignificant, your tact of looking at a difficult situation and tackling it with humor truly gave you insight on how to turn chaos into order and that is a remarkable thing to do.

5. Aquarius

You’re a sensitive one but in no way does that make you weak. If anything, it makes you stronger. Your instinct to be empathetic makes you special, for this is a somewhat rare quality in people. But 2019 was painful. It seemed like no matter where you went, your senses were constantly overloaded, ready to burn you out. However, through sheer willpower, you found something important — a way to find your peace. It wasn’t easy at first but with everything that life threw at you, you turned it into something beautiful and that gave you peace.

6. Pisces

Being a romantic often makes people think you’ve got rose-colored glasses on. Of course, that’s a mistake they make when they underestimate you because you can see right through the liars. But in 2019, that sense of yours was not on point. When it came to finding a partner or dealing with your partner, it was almost as if you couldn’t tell that they were wearing masks. And this experience may have dented your self-confidence. As painful as it might have been to let them go, you certainly learned more about yourself as a person. And it gave you the ability to not just take care of yourself but also to regain your confidence which will carry you through 2020.


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