A certain level of pride and self-esteem is essential to leading a fulfilling life. A healthy level of self-confidence is key to achieving your goals, both in your professional and personal life. But what can happen when self-esteem becomes unhealthy? You become a vain person, and vanity is a rather obnoxious personality trait to have. Your zodiac sign for it reflects all the good and negative qualities in you. So if you are wondering whether you are a vain person or not, find your zodiac sign among the 6 mostly vain zodiac signs given below.

“None is as empty as those who are full of themselves” – Benjamin Whichcote

We all have these people in our lives who are overly self-centred. We all have this friend who is so obsessed with his looks that he never failed to show you his newest self but forgot to congratulate you on your new job. Or the friend who always wants the last word on the movie you’re watching because he has a degree in film studies!

The 6 mostly vain zodiac signs for it:


Always correct

Typical AQUARIUS attitude: express your opinion in a matter-of-fact and haughty tone, criticize anything you dislike, and even explain how to do it right!

If you’re at the end of their verbal argument, you’re sure to be amazed and you may even believe they are right! So frustrating!

The main reasons Aquarius are so successful in life is because they have strong self-esteem, are very confident, and trust their gut instincts. They are full of unique ideas and deep philosophical opinions. But here’s the problem – they’re so indebted to their own opinions that they block all sorts of conflicting input from other people. This can easily be perceived as their inflated ego.

They are not vain in the sense that they need tons of praise and admiration, but they already believe that they are always right! In fact, they’re so snobbish that they won’t even enter into a debate to explain their point and convince you. That makes it quite difficult for the lithe speaking Aquarius to communicate with them.

2nd twin

Star of history

Remember the good old teenage years when a romantic hit that came off the car radio on a rainy day took you to a dreamland where you starred in the music video? Well, that’s everyday life for Gemini. They love some drama and glitter and are naturally theatrical.

Gemini love to live life like it was a big movie set and they are the star of their story! They can turn a boring grocery checkout wait into a drama episode, and if you have a karaoke machine at your house party, expect the twins to stick to it!

They get too caught up in everyday highs and lows and the most annoying part is that they expect their friends to blend in seamlessly with their way of life. Being your best friend means listening patiently to a one-minute encounter with your crush that turns into an hour-long, highly dramatic story!

Sometimes Gemini get so carried away with their own drama that they ignore the feelings and needs of those around them. Astrologically, it is doubtful that their innate tendencies to be obsessed with themselves will subside, but a gentle reminder from time to time that they must be attentive to the needs of others will surely help you.

3. Leo

Entitled to the spotlight

Good things first – Leos are some of the bravest and most loyal people out there, so they have a strong sense of values ​​and morals. But here’s the problem – they feel like they were born to be the kings and queens of the world and therefore feel entitled to attention and recognition. They hate when they can’t be in the spotlight and will do anything to be the center of attention even if they know deep down that it doesn’t suit their values.

They love to be showered with large doses of compliments for their skills and accomplishments. But we have to give them that – their vain actions to be in the spotlight make for a fun watch!

All we have to say is that – self-love is encouraged, but it is harmful to be constantly wrapped up in yourself.


Passionately strong

Passion is an admirable quality, and Scorpios know that they are very passionate creatures. But if Scorpios get excited about power, that is not at all desirable. Scorpio wants to be the star of entertainment and hates following others.

Scorpios enjoy being in dominant, managerial positions and want to have all the power and have the last word. The thought of someone else becoming stronger than them makes them feel threatened.

Better not to try giving free advice to a Scorpio because they’ll just roll their eyes and turn them off! But they are open about their opinions and try to promote their own ideas that they think are the brightest in the room!

As surprising as it may sound, this self-obsession is actually an armor to hide its inner vulnerability. Their all-consuming behavior is a weapon to protect themselves from people they do not yet trust. Get to know them personally, you will be pleasantly surprised how different they are!

5. Capricorn

Knows best

Shocked to find the disciplined souls, Capricorns, in the list of the most vain zodiac signs for it? Before you start scratching your head, listen to us. They are not traditionally vain, as in, they do not want to be the center of attention or to be praised all the time. But they have some peculiar tendencies that make them quite vain.

The thing about the Capricorns is that they believe that they have the best of knowledge in everything. Her superior attitude and smug demeanor are off-putting to others around her.

Imagine always being corrected and judged when your decisions are not approved by your Capricorn friend. When you’re out in the club, you’ll be politely reminded to find an early meeting, right when you’re about to swallow another tequila! Your outfit selection will also be commented on.

While Capricorns have the best of intentions in mind, their constant bossing around other people’s affairs unsettles others in making their own decisions. And the strange thing is that the Capricorns don’t even realize that they might be perceived as harsh.

6. Libra

Obsessed with looks

The balanced, polite, and serene Libra is very subtle when it comes to demanding your attention, even though deep down she needs it all the time.

Libra is obsessed with their looks. Since Venus is the ruling planet of Libra, it’s no surprise that they experience a natural attraction for visual beauty. We got it, this zodiac sign is all about aesthetics and art, but these people are rarely attentive to the beauty of their surroundings and always care about their own looks!

As vain as it sounds, the selfie camera is your best friend, and your idea of ​​”fun” is to share a hundred photos of yourself. They can make you believe that they care the least about what you think, but trust me, they care very much. Libra longs very badly for other people’s approval.

Plus, they can’t help but be attracted to attractive-looking people, and physical appearance is often the main factor in making new relationships.

Do you know of other zodiac signs that are vain and can therefore be included in this list? Comment below.


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