The 6 Signs You Are Most Likely Of Returning With Your Ex


When you love, you really love Cancer, you do it with all your being and assuming all the consequences. When you give yourself to someone, you do it with the heart and truth and no, you do not pretend or do the theater of your life. Love runs through your veins Cancer, you are a very romantic sign and everyone who passes through your life takes a little piece of heaven for having been with you.

When you end a relationship with someone, their ashes remain in your heart and even more so if that person was very important to you. You are the sign most likely to get back with your ex because you know how to give second chances. And look that you are impulsive sometimes, but you forgive things from the past Cancer (if they were not very hard, you also have to tell the truth) because for you, love conquers everything.

When you know that your future can be good with your ex, you take a risk, because you are not one of the people to get stuck in the past. Even if it hurts, you get over it, because if you really love that person, you will only look at the bright side of things. You know that there are hearts that are meant to be together, even if the road is not full of roses. You know it very well Cancer.


The second place is your Pisces. You know that when it is true LOVE, you risk. You take all the consequences and give second chances. You are one of the most likely signs of getting back together with your ex because you are a very sentimental sign. If in that relationship that you left there were still ashes, your heart is in charge of reliving them again.

When you end a relationship with someone special at first they are nothing more than painful and negative memories. It is obvious, the first three days you are in a phase of absolute denial because your heart has to vent somehow. But if that ended relationship is special, safe, very romantic and TRUE, happy memories are in charge of making everything BAD Pisces disappear.

Those happy memories are what make you get excited again. What makes you want to meet his gaze again … It is obvious, you would never go back to someone really bad, but if you know that that was the right person, give second and third chances if necessary.

Now, your ex needs to know that he has to beg you a bit. It is obvious, you will be begging for the pleasure that gives you, because when you love, you want everything in a big way Pisces.


You like to see the good side of Libra people, you like to believe in healthy and renewed second chances and you love to think that love can do anything in the end.

In your eyes you can see perfectly when you are dying of desire inside Libra and look, even if you remember things that you did not like, the good ones, in the end, end up winning the battle. You are one of the people most likely to get back with an ex because you know how to forgive when it is TRUE. If you see that your ex has a lot of regrets and you keep feeling things, you try. Even if your legs shake inside because of doubts, you do it, because you like to give what you would like to receive from others, that simple.

You do not want to wait to be happy, even if your friends tell you not to come back, if it is really what you really want Libra, you end up betting on it. Look, if you know that your ex isn’t lying to you, you do it, because you don’t like being alone for a long time. That does not mean that you do not know how to be alone, it is not the same, but you like having someone with whom you can share everything. Now, let him pray a little …


It takes a miracle and a long time for that to happen Taurus, but if your ex was a very important part of your life and a really special person, you know that you will let you fall in love again. If your ex was a fundamental pillar, someone who showed you a lot, someone you loved to death and a great friend before your partner, you will give them that second chance, because even if they paint you as a cold person, deep down you have a huge heart and warmth that does not fit in your chest Taurus …

Just thinking that you have to re-venture to meet someone new makes you lazy. Especially trusting someone you don’t know again. That is why you could choose to go back with your ex, at least you already know him, you know how he acts, what his weak points are, and everything that helps you to go one step ahead …

Of course, you would never go back with an ex-stained by betrayal, not that. You’d rather stay with your plants and your pets than go back to a toxic person, but if the reason for the breakup was something else, you can try it, you know Taurus.


That you are in this ranking is a pleasant surprise Virgo, because NOBODY would believe that a Virgo can ever give a second chance. Why wouldn’t anyone believe it? Because you don’t forget and forgive so easily and you know it, Virgo.

Let’s see, the subject is quite delicate, but if your ex was the person in your life, you know that you can take off that armor and try again.

It is true, at the beginning of a relationship you create an unbreakable wall that is responsible for protecting your heart, but when you fall madly in love, you tear that Virgo wall apart, rip it in two and let that special person occupy all the place they want. . That is why you could be with an ex-Virgo again because you love so strongly that yes or yes remains to remain in your heart.

Although at first anger and rage invades you, with the passage of time and with great peace you stop to see the good things that that relationship left you. And if you add to that the fact that your ex begs you a little bit, all the better, because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing how they fight for you again.


You are one of the most sentimental signs on this Scorpio planet and yes or yes you had to be in this ranking. You usually have very stormy love stories, some dramatic and others calmer, but in all of them there are ex-partners who were marked by your Scorpio imprint and you know it.

The statistics do not fail, you could return with an ex of yours at any time Scorpio because you are one of those who prefer to risk and be guided by your heart to stay with the desire out of fear. You know.

Unless they do something to you that has no forgiveness, you can try a new start, a second chance. Forgetting and forgiving could be on your to-do list. Even if it cost you your life, for someone you still love you would. If your ex reappears in your life and turns it upside down again, you know that you will do something about it Scorpio and you know how that ends: reconciliation assured. Whether that reconciliation lasts or not is a matter of luck, but that the pleasure never disappears, in your case, it is more than true. If your ex works hard and makes you fall in love again, you jump into the pool without looking at Scorpio.


The 6 Signs You Are Most Likely Of Returning With Your Ex

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