The 6 Signs With The Most Likelihood Of Ending Up Stalking Their Ex

Stalking Their Ex

The 6 Signs With The Most Likelihood Of Ending Up Stalking Their Ex

Saying that someone is your ex implies a duel that many know. It’s saying goodbye to a part of you and accepting that nothing will ever be the same again. However, there are signs of the zodiac who are curious, that is, they do not close that chapter completely, because they want to know what comes after them. What is the new couple like? Does it meet your expectations? Do they look happier? There are many questions that overwhelm them, I mean the 6 signs with the most chances of ending up stalking their ex: 

1.- Aries 

There is no doubt that Aries is an expert at hiding his anxiety, but he has a habit of reviewing how his ex’s life is going, although he will hardly accept it. He is very intense and determined, he knows there is no going back once the relationship is over. However, the desire to know who is next on the list of his ex is great. Of course, the situation becomes tenser if things are not well laid out on the table. 

Aries, you need calm, to be sure that you gave everything in the relationship and it was not in your hands to save it. It’s not that he’s a stalker, but it frustrates him that he can’t close the cycle completely, maybe deep down he’s looking to be disappointed in the last thing to let go. You have to remember that he doesn’t take ‘ no ‘ for an answer, he always finds a way to get away with it. 

2.- Cancer 

The last thing a Cancerian should be required to do is pretend that nothing is wrong, the breakup of a relationship is synonymous with starting over, even if tears flood his soul. It hurts a lot to remove the blindfold because it is a very emotional sign and detachment does not fit in their relationships. Really, he builds strong ties, where friendship matters too. 

That is the main reason why you are reluctant to let go of your ex. He is not the psychopath who has no life and is always aware of everything he does or does not do, but… he silently becomes a shadow, because deep down he still worries about it, it is his protective side, he feels that his ex is hurting him. having a bad time and it is a way in which he stays close. 

3.- Leo 

Definitely, Leo does not like that wanting above, he needs to expose his fears and his shadows so that the other person does too. His goal isn’t to control, it’s to make sure they can talk about anything. Trust is the foundation of everything and that is why once it is broken, there is nothing to save. Leo is well aware that he’s not going to get back with his ex, but his ego betrays him. 

Unfortunately, he insists on competing in his mind and that is worse because he is not the type of sign that causes drama when he knows that they are nothing anymore, but suffering within the four walls of his room. It’s her foolish ego, the one that makes her believe that her ex will be better off by her side, but it’s not like that, it’s a trap to return to toxicity. 

4.- Scorpio 

The magnetism that overflows when having a relationship with Scorpio cannot be hidden, the magic is felt in his way of love, hugging, and filling with beautiful words. When Scorpio trusts there are no limits, he shows the vulnerable side of him and is capable of riding a lifetime in the future next to that person. That’s probably what weighs on him the most, that he did everything and in the end, the castle collapsed. 

In addition, Scorpio is very loyal, much more than any other sign, which is why it is difficult for him to accept breakups, he is not one of those who take refuge in new arms overnight. Therefore, he is curious to know if the other person is also respecting the mourning time or has already started a new love life. Perhaps the last crack in the heart is what he needs to let go once and for all. 

5.- Sagittarius 

The soul of a Sagittarius can be seen from miles away because the way they radiate love is unique, strong, and adventurous. However, when you feel disappointed or betrayed, your light turns to shadow and that’s when your spiteful side can show up. It is very difficult for him to assimilate that this person will no longer be part of his life and that is why he ends up stalking his social networks, but not with the intention of them dating again. 

They are moments that give Sagittarius in which their mania for knowing everything wins and removes reason. It is a sign that is easily carried away by his instincts, falls into the habit of checking the profile of his ex, and even does it from another user, in case he is blocked. He is quite resourceful when he wants to be informed. 

6.- Pisces 

One of the most persevering signs when it comes to maintaining long-term love. Really, Pisces, do not beat around the bush if someone likes you, you do your best to win his heart and you are not one of those who give up at the first fight or are indifferent. However, there comes a point where he understands that no matter how much he pulls on the rope, the strength of just one is not enough, it is two. 

What Pisces wants is to have the peace of mind that what they lived next to that person was not a lie and that despite the fact that each one takes their own path, they will be kept in the secrets of their memory. He is terrified of discovering that it meant nothing, indifference hurts him, therefore, he stalked, he wants a sign. 

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