The 6 Signs Most Prone To “Ghosting”

Ghosting is something that is very fashionable lately. For those who don’t know, ‘ghosting’ means disappearing from your life without explanation, from one day to the next, stopping responding to your messages, and avoiding any type of contact with you. And there are zodiac signs that are more likely to end up doing it to you than others, basically because their personality is like that. Read on to find out what those signs are…

  1. Aquarius

Without a doubt, the sign that should be number one in this ranking is Aquarius. It is the most carefree, freest, and most distant sign of the Zodiac, so it is to be expected that from one day to the next it stops showing signs of life. Surely you have fallen in love with him/her for that very reason because he/she is an independent and carefree person, but you will end up ‘hating’ him/her for that very reason. The best thing to do when Aquarius stops responding or wanting to hear from you is not to take it too personally. He is a very independent person, as you know, and, above all, someone who is emotionally very reserved. He has a lot on his mind and he probably isn’t intentionally ghosting you, he just doesn’t have time to attend to you.

  1. Gemini

Surely you have already noticed, but Gemini has a hard time making a decision. It is difficult for him/her because for him/her to say yes to one thing means having to reject another and that is something that constantly stresses him/her. Saying yes to a serious relationship for Geminis means saying no to keeping her social life active. He gets very overwhelmed and finds it hard to think beyond that and beyond his own feelings. And Gemini, when he gets overwhelmed, disappears and doesn’t want to know anything about the world. You will spend the best moments of your life next to him and then he will ghost you without further ado. He will give you illusions, but later… Goodbye.

  1. Sagittarius

The worst thing about Sagittarius is that you don’t expect it, you don’t see it coming that it will disappear, just like that. Sagittarius is known to be a super optimistic and cheerful sign. Regardless of who he is with, he loves to have fun and carefree moments. You will think that everything is going incredibly well, even Sagittarius can also get excited about you… But, suddenly, his impulses are awakened and the only thing he wants is to disappear, run away and completely forget that he had a commitment to you. The problem with Sagittarius is that it is very unpredictable and if you want to go out with one of them, you will have to be prepared for that.

  1. Pisces

The Pisces thing is a bit strange, that if you don’t have the explanation, you will surely be quite scared. Pisces is a very affectionate person who will give you all the attention and affection you need. And just because he ghosts you doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you… He does it very easily, but still, he’ll still think of you no matter what. The problem is that Pisces is a person who always goes their own way and tries not to go too fast in this love thing. So, if he notices that you are starting to pressure him, or simply if he notices that he is getting too overwhelmed by his feelings, he will leave so he can calm down and think things over calmly. Most of the time, Pisces ends up coming back.

  1. Libra

Libra’s mind is an unsolved mystery and you will never understand why most of the time it disappears without explanation. And there are times when he/she doesn’t even know it. Libra really likes getting attention and wanting all of your company, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the need to run away from time to time when things get awkward. Libra will ghost you especially when there start to be too many feelings involved or when there starts to be the odd little argument. If Libra disappears, it’s partly to get your attention and to send you a signal to stop or slow down. Libra communicates many times through silences.

  1. Virgo

Unlike Libra, Virgo has no problem fixing things and arguing if necessary, but you already know that he is a somewhat introverted person and does not trust others just like that. Earning his trust takes a lot of effort and a lot of time. You have to go slowly, much slower than you imagine because if you go too fast, it will be when Virgo disappears and ends up doing that ghosting you hate so much. She perfectly knows how to respect others, but if she doesn’t receive the respect he/she thinks she deserves, she will leave without explanation. You don’t even need that explanation anyway, because in time you’ll realize what you did wrong.


The 6 Signs Most Prone To “Ghosting”

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