The 6 Most Toxic Zodiac Sign Relations in 2020

The 6 Most Toxic Zodiac Sign Relations in 2020

There are times when things can get out of control between partners, even in a loving and passionate partnership. These problems arise because the couple just don’t get along. 

That may sound ridiculous, but it is true. Not all relationships fall apart due to a lack of love. Some quickly break up again because both partners cannot let go of their egos.

Compatibility is about understanding each other’s needs and recognizing them first and foremost. The partners are aware that they do not agree on many questions and decisions. But they intend to respect each other’s opinions.

Nowadays, you often come across couples who, despite being together for years and putting their heart and soul into the partnership, struggle to maintain their relationship. Though they love each other and can’t stand being a minute apart, their arguments and discussions are driving others around them crazy. 

One wonders why they are together at all!

Everyone has a unique personality and these properties are strongly influenced by the stars. Astrology explains that the balanced combination of four elements, namely fire, water, air, and earth, determine the course of life. And that’s why the compatibility of the zodiac signs determines the fate of every relationship.

There are certain zodiac signs that cause extreme toxicity when they come together. These are the 6 pairs of zodiac signs that are unlikely to stay together for long:


1. The Capricorn and the Aquarius

Both zodiacs are known for their determination and that attracts them. But it also tears them up. While ibex is the emotional investors, watermen push their relationship in a practical way.

This type of arrangement causes Aquarius to dominate the relationship, which is why the Capricorn tries to do everything possible to maintain its value in the relationship. Eventually, both begin to correct each other, either through a brutal fight or they simply sweep the conflict under the carpet so that one day it piles up. This ticking time bomb will blow up sooner or later and then every rescue is too late.


2. The Leo and the Cancer

This couple has such dynamic chemistry that it never ends well. While crabs look forward to a deep and intimate connection with their partner, the lion devastates the ongoing hope.

Because the lion has very extreme and emotional outbursts. If you switch from being kind and caring to unnecessarily critical behavior in a moment, crayfish are put off. Crabs take all of this to heart and show their anger as a kind of defense mechanism that eventually cuts through the roots of their relationship.


3. The Virgo and the Gemini

Life can either be dreamy or practiced, but these two things can never coexist for long. The same applies to the relationship between a virgin and a twin. While twins are the dreamy, virgins are emotionally distant and look for practical ways out.

Their relationship will never work because virgins easily move away from the relationship and leave the twin with his broken heart. He will have to take care of himself when the time demands it. The virgin would also get angry about the twin at some point because he interfered with her dreams while they were working to maintain the relationship.


4. The Sagittarius and the Cancer

These two signs of the zodiac should never come close, especially not for a relationship. While crayfish believe in fate and are full of hope, the shooters have no patience with their partners as challengers.

The shooters look forward to enjoying the rapidly changing times while the crayfish are afraid of these changes. For shooters, the romantic connection has the ultimate values, while crayfish want to connect emotionally. And this contrasting set of relationship priorities will ultimately cost them their relationship.


5. The Libra and the Taurus

They are so similar and connected to each other as if it were telepathy. It is, therefore, no wonder that it initially seems like a blissful relationship. But sooner or later these zodiac signs will look for their individuality. That’s why their relationship never works. Both love and adore each other and just can’t stand being apart for too long.

The stubbornness of the bull and the despair of the Libra to always be good enough to ensure that at some point both of them can no longer smell. They know and understand each other so well that their expectations of each other become too high and they can never meet them.


6. The Scorpion and the Pisces

This is a deadly combination because both zodiacs are extremely emotional and very suspicious. Scorpions are ruthless when it comes to expressing their love for fish. Their opposing personalities, who once lit the fire of passion between them, soon burn everything and leave nothing but ashes to mourn. 

Fish are rooted in safety, while the sparkling passion of the scorpion stifles their love and trust. The zodiac signs are extremely polarizing together. This may be an advantage for the phase of falling in love. However, complications will arise in a long-term relationship. This couple is therefore unlikely to have a future together.


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