The 6 most deceptive signs of the zodiac

We all tell lies. Whether we’re lying to avoid anger, to make ourselves look a lot better than we actually are, or simply because it’s an addiction we can’t get enough of, everyone has lied at some point in their life.

But while this is absolutely true, no matter how hard you are screaming into space and saying that you’ve never lied before, we can all agree that some people lie more than others.

And as for who is lying the most, it has a lot to do with astrology.

Which are the zodiac signs that are most likely to lie?

You might be surprised how deceitful and manipulative some of the characters actually are.

Below, I’ll cover the 6 zodiac signs that tend to be the best liars. These are the signs you would least expect, but should be watched out for.

Whether you are on this list or not, keep in mind that sometimes people are not what they seem.


Wait, Scorpio is at the top of the list of zodiac signs that lie the most? I beg your pardon?

Well, in all honesty, is anyone surprised? I am sure that you, Scorpio, are not remotely surprised.

As the most manipulative and deceitful zodiac sign out there, it’s not breaking news that when it comes to lying, Scorpio shines in ways that no other zodiac sign can match.

But the thing about Scorpio is that they’re so good at lying that even after a while they find it hard to tell fact from fiction.


Gemini is a person who can really lie with a straight face. He or she is able to turn things around as if a switch was thrown within them.

Even in the most serious of situations, they can go on as if nothing had happened.

Gemini will play with your heart for fun and you will not know what hit you.

You never see the true face of the twins and that’s one of the scariest things about them.

While Gemini will never be as devious as Scorpios, when it comes to manipulation and lying, they definitely have a knack for it.

But similar to the Scorpio, humans also know that Gemini is a liar. But because Gemini are so fun and creative, it’s just an accepted part of their personality.

Unfortunately, when it comes to their propensity to lie, Geminis don’t get away easily.


Yes, Cancer is an outright liar, but unlike the other signs on this list, their lies are not meant to hurt or get what they want.

Cancer’s lies are more about exaggeration and their inability to see the true version of events.

So while they are still some of the greatest liars in the zodiac, their lies are at least harmless … usually.

Many Cancers tend to gloss over things that do not need to be glossed over.

They lie to make others feel better and they lie to protect other people’s feelings even when it isn’t necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to be tough on others.


The Leo usually does his best to deceive others without them noticing.

Because without deception, the lion is nothing. This sign works to build itself up, but in reality there is nothing that differentiates it from the others.

Sure, they’re great and have some wonderful qualities, but they’re not as amazing as their ego portrays them.


Libra is able to put their emotions out of play, and lying is something you don’t have to think twice about.

Libras don’t go out of the way to attach themselves to very many people. They’ll only let you in so much that they get you where they want you and then they’ll use you until they can’t anymore.

The combination of charm and manipulation makes Libra great liars.

They lie to avoid trouble, they lie to make themselves look better than they are, and they lie to get what they want. Basically, they always lie.

But while they’re pretty much a walking lie to themselves, their indecision makes it difficult for them to keep track of their lies and to confess to them without trying to change a lie they’ve already told!

Before you know it, you have a number of different lies up your sleeve, but one is as believable as the other.


Sagittarius is by far the most deceptive of all signs of the zodiac. This sign will go out of its way to build others up and make them feel really connected, only to then drop them once they’re close to the top.

Sagittarius always lies to protect his own head, and once things get serious, this sign also tends to leave the ship entirely. You just never know what to expect from them.


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