The 50 Things You Should Know About Leo

Know About Leo

The 50 Things You Should Know About Leo

Now that it’s time to talk about Leo, I’m sure he would have wanted to write this list himself. We know that he greatly appreciates public recognition and that he would have liked to list what he would like to be known about him. But it does not matter. I’m sure he will give us his approval. Because, above all, Leo likes the truth. And here are a lot of truths about the king. That king that we crown over and over again because he is worth it and because he deserves it. These are the 50 things you should know about Leo:

  1. Leo needs to always shine. And have someone at your side who also shines. Of course, Leo’s shine better always be the strongest.
  2. Leo’s stubbornness could rival that of Taurus. Taurus is with the entire Universe. What Leo wants is to dominate the entire staff. And in a way he does, sometimes he does it unconsciously.
  3. Leo can be as charming and attractive on good days as he is vain and repellent on bad days. But he doesn’t have many bad days!
  4. Leo likes love in the morning, but also in the afternoon, at night, and at dawn. He likes love, period.
  5. Leo gives everything but in return, he needs to be recognized for his generosity and rewarded for it. As? Adoring him, hugging him, and telling him what a good person he is. A simple thank you is also worth it but sometimes not even that…
  6. The money that Leo spends most enthusiastically is to give gifts to the people he loves. And whoever he loves, he can directly bury that person in them. A delight!
  7. When it comes to attracting attention, Leo does it very well. And no one should overshadow him, please, in fact, even if they try they won’t be able to…
  8. It is not as fierce as they paint the lion. That’s Leo. Four roars if things are not to his liking. But with some pampering and a lot of tenderness, it is pure love.
  9. Leo’s independence gives him some problems. He can be. Yours, less so. When he needs his people he wants them to always be close!
  10. The worst thing about Leo when he is right is his ways of expressing it to others. If he feels boycotted he can burn Troy.
  11. The proud and vain Leo does not like criticism if it is not very constructive. Better said, he doesn’t like ANY kind of criticism.
  12. To his friends, Leo gives everything, everything!
  13. Leo loses public recognition. It is a weak point. If his enemies know this, they can attack him and try to destroy his self-esteem. Try it.
  14. Leo is the king and in his house even more so. If this title is recognized, he will worry every day that his people do not lack anything at all. Is it so difficult to recognize it?!
  15. When they distributed the nobility among all the zodiac signs, Leo must have behaved very well that day. And she took almost all of it for himself.
  16. The mantra that must be repeated Leo: I should not demand so much praise and I should worry that it is sincere.
  17. Leo competes even with his own shadow. And if he doesn’t win, let that shadow be prepared! He will have to find someone else to cling to.
  18. Leo’s generosity can lead to waste in its most negative aspect.
  19. Leo doesn’t know how to ask for what he needs. He assumes that others should know. Actually, he doesn’t know how to ask for it or hide it. He doesn’t care. SOMEONE GIVE IT TO THEM, PLEASE…
  20. Leo is impatient but he can be less so if he knows that the goal is worth it and that waiting will ensure that he achieves it.
  21. Leo is not unfaithful by nature. He likes a stable life as a couple and doesn’t want changes. Unless “stable life” becomes unstable.
  22. Romantic details are food for Leo’s soul. Notice to your partners: May you never lack the inspiration or desire to offer them to them.
  23. Leo may be one of the most dominant signs of the Zodiac. And if it seems like he ever lets himself be dominated, BEWARE. It only seems that way.
  24. Stingy people do not like Leo. However, if he has fallen in love, he will try to teach them to be more generous.
  25. What can erase the smile from Leo’s face?: That something that he has done with all the enthusiasm in the world is not valued.
  26. Leo’s pride is so great that it becomes the biggest problem with his partners. But the thing is, when he is right, he is right, and that’s it.
  27. Sometimes Leo can become physically ill if he has had to swallow what he didn’t want. Come on, if he hasn’t been able to be sincere the way he likes.
  28. Leo always ends up attracting attention, sometimes even when he doesn’t want to. Yes, sometimes he doesn’t want to. Few, but it happens.
  29. Leo’s partners comment on how exhausting it is to always keep an eye on him. But they keep quiet when they receive pampering after pampering.
  30. What Leo can’t stand: indiscriminate criticism, having his work thrown to the ground, or being ridiculed.
  31. Leo never gives up, and if it seems like he does, he’s actually taking a breath and charging up the energy to keep going.
  32. When Leo loves someone, he is one of the people who always gets it. It is not known how when or why.
  33. Who said that pride is a defect? If you want to win, all weapons are necessary for Leo.
  34. Leo is a born leader. Everyone follows him, few discuss it with him and he always assumes that he knows well what he wants and where he is going.
  35. If Leo becomes unfaithful, before it is noticed he will prefer to tell it. Sincerity and courage to face punishment are in their nature.
  36. The king of the jungle does not like to be bossed around. Leo does not recognize any authority other than his own, except out of obligation.
  37. What does a good friend say to Leo?: You are exaggerating your prominence. And they’re going to give you an Oscar for melodramatic.
  38. Leo doesn’t like losing or training. Just in case, you should play with it only when you are not afraid of losing something big.
  39. The fighting capacity of those born under the sign of Leo is as great as everything they achieve thanks to it. Leo never gets mediocre awards.
  40. When Leo becomes persuasive, it is better that anyone who does not want to fall into his clutches stay away. Whoever it.
  41. If Leo changes his partner or friends it is for something very simple: he deserves to be with someone who gives him everything he needs.
  42. Advice for Leo lovers: never humiliate him, hesitate, or be indifferent to what he says or does for you. Keep this point in mind within the 50 things you should know about Leo. It is important.
  43. Everything can be left in Leo’s hands. He takes care. What you cannot ask of him is that he always does it the way you want. If Leo starts something he lets him have control.
  44. Leo is hot. Leo’s love is very passionate. The sun heats. Leo’s star is the sun. Leo wants love during the day (but also at night, eh?).
  45. If Leo gets to work, he stands out. His work is always brilliant and he does it well so that those who did not bet on him have to swallow his words.
  46. Those who love Leo should be very attentive to giving him what he needs. Leo is not going to ask for it. He will wait to receive it, period.
  47. If Leo has to bow down to someone it will be out of obligation. Although inside he will be thinking: how badly he does everything!
  48. When Leo gets angry, he explodes. It is best to leave him alone to pass. And hope that it will pass soon and forgive you.
  49. And what makes a Leo angry? Not as many things as it seems. But most of them have to do with criticizing him or speaking badly of his people.
  50. And what makes Leo happy? Being in love and being reciprocated. And let everyone notice it, and let him be valued when he deserves it. I mean, almost always!

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