Are you interested in Astrology and would like to know the signs most likely to rhyme with “shouting”, “arguing”, and “clash”? To help you, Fork & Bikini has established a ranking of the 5 Astro signs that have the strongest character!



Sign of Fire ruled by the Sun, the Lion likes to shine, that’s for sure! Authoritarian, proud, stubborn and often capricious, Lions have a keen sense of domination: they like to lead and lead their little world to the stick because they are born-rulers.

On the other hand, do not try to give them an order or to impose on them your choices: they only like orders when they are the ones who give them!


Anti-conformist and eternal rebel in the soul, Aquarius hates to do like everyone else. So, it is a sign that is often very extravagant, and is sometimes ready for anything to stand out; especially to provocate for free, or to be in excess for pure pleasure!

At work, the Aquarians are downright allergic to orders and hierarchy, which often creates painful and conflicting situations with their boss …

The Scorpion

Difficult for Scorpio to go unnoticed in society, with a passionate, self-confident and self-confident personality like his!

But if most of the time his charisma and strength of character make him a sign that impresses and exerts a strong power of attraction to others, when it does not pass … ouch ouch ouch! Scorpio hates being resisted, and when it does, he does not hesitate to be aggressive and sting.

The Cancer

To say that the natives of Cancer are people who are sure of them is an understatement: their self-confidence is almost unshakeable! As a result, Cancers are individuals who, with their high self-esteem, love to impose and impose their choices, both in the professional sphere and with their friends, family, and friends. spouse.

And when they have something to say, the Cancers are not known for their diplomacy: you will never see a Cancer turn its tongue 7 times in its mouth before speaking, and no matter how much damage his words can cause!


Led by Mars, the planet of passion, it’s not much to say that Aries is a sign of character! Impulsive, aggressive, dynamic and determined, the Aries people are always on fire: they love to make crates and get noticed!

Very authoritarian, they are just leaders, who love to have people under their orders, but who can be a little excessive (not to say tyrannical) in the exercise of their power …




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