Taurus does everything to find a routine and stick to it. It is likely that they have done the same thing in recent years and that they are feeling very good. But given that Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, will travel their sign over the next few years, they might be surprised by the sudden desire to make things happen in 2020.
New and unusual people, places and things are on the horizon for Taurus, which may mean they are going to get out of their routine. It is an idea that they might reject initially, but over time they will accept it. Taurus may want to start the year by promising to be open to these new experiences as they arise.


2019 was a difficult year for Scorpio. They had their share of irregular relationships due to Uranus, which resulted in ups and downs, engagements and breakups. Neptune, the planet of illusion, also traveled for a while for the romance of Scorpio, keeping things vague and hazy about their love life. But once Mars arrives, everything will change. Venus goes through the Scorpion partnership and helps him to suppress any heart problem and offers him the possibility of reviving his emotional problems. During this time, an existing relationship could turn into something more, or they might meet someone.
For Scorpion, the biggest changes in 2020 will affect the people they know, offering new opportunities and better connections.


Sagittarians enjoy an unconstrained lifestyle. It is a sign that does not like to be detained by anything or by anyone. They like to travel from city to city and find adventure whenever it is allowed. If someone arouses your interest, Sagittarius will think about life for what it could be and how to include a partner in daily life. Once they are with someone they care about, they will always find a way to work together in all parts of their lives.
In 2020, the most significant change for this panel will be a new desire to take a close look at their relationships and perhaps even calm down. Two lunar eclipses on the Gemini / Sagittarius axis, one in June and the other in November, modify the energies and make them more favourable to being with this person.


The year 2020 will be full of great changes for Capricorn. In January, there will be the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn, and many connections could be useful to you. It is also the start of a year full of changes.
Jupiter will also be in the next twelve months, which may mean that a lot of great opportunities are coming. Capricorn will want to weigh the pros and cons of each and make sure to think twice before making major changes. January, June and July are months during which eclipses will occur on the Capricorn / Cancer axis. They will establish new collaborations and will undoubtedly abandon all the dead relationships that hold them back. This can mean losing a partnership that is not working or abandoning friends who have not been sincere.


Pisces probably had a great year in 2019, due to positive promotions and job changes. In 2020, this positivity will continue, also influencing their love life. Eclipses on the Cancer / Capricorn axis activate romance. You can take advantage of these events during the months of January, June and July. No doubt you will be in the right place at the right time. Pisces will also feel more creative this year and use this energy. These same eclipses offer the opportunity to shine talents in 2020. Finally, having Jupiter throughout the year will help to quell their hopes and dreams. applies to achieving their goals.

The start of the new year is enough to inspire anyone to look for new ways to make a difference and make a change. But these five signs of the zodiac begin to change, thanks to what is aligned in the stars.


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