There are souls who are like a hug to the heart, who have a cosmic and sweet vision to see everything around them. They are the ones that have a healing power through physical contact, because they give the most genuine kisses, caresses and hugs . We are talking about the 5 signs that fill you with kisses, caresses and hugs, those who are not afraid to show what they feel, who let their warm and caring soul get carried away.

They are signs that take care of your emotions like a treasure, that give you security and put sensitivity first. One of their qualities is being loving, caring for others and showing their support in the best way. They are the ones who do not let go of you in the most difficult moments. Sometimes they don’t need to say much but they show it to you through affection.

5 signs that fill you with kisses, caresses and hugs

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Gestures are synonymous with love, with a message that cannot always be expressed in words. It is a relief, the warmth that there is a complicity between two people. When it arrives at the right time, they fill your day with magic, even after crying and these signs know it very well:

5.- Cancer

Cancer is the sign that lives up to the demands of the Moon, it has an emotional and maternal side that is not compared to the rest of the signs. When she loves she likes to show her affection physically, sheis the one who understands you and gives you that feeling of well-being. They are water signs, so they have the gift of putting themselves in the place of others, they like to make the other feel better. They have a protective part that does not let go of you, which is always in search of your well-being.

4.- Virgo

Although Virgo is an Earth sign and it is difficult for her to show her vulnerable and loving side, she always cares about others. There is a very altruistic part that does not let you advance if you do not help the other. They are the type of person who does not think twice when they are going to do a favor and that is the reason why they win the hearts of strange people. They are governed by Mercury, so they have the gift of dominating their mind, hence they are very observant and meticulous, they are the type of person who always notices if the other is not well.

3.- Libra

The zodiac sign that in its good times walks like it has a million butterflies in its stomach. He is the person who adds a romantic and affectionate touch to everything, those who have the gift of keeping the peace, thanks to the fact that they have diplomacy in everything they do. An air sign that is committed to fairness, that puts aside prejudices and always guarantees that you will feel good by their side. Libra is kind, understanding, he is the one who always has different points of view and who values ​​you as you are. The sign that treats you like a king when you are part of his life.

2.- Aquarius

Although Aquarius has a reputation in which its distant and uncompromising side stands out when it comes to establishing a relationship, it is one of the signs of the zodiac that once it is delivered, it does so in a deep and intense way. They like to be thoughtful and always taking into account the welfare of the person they love. They are very sensitive and careful, they have a humanitarian side that is always in search of justice. They are the type of person who always steals a smile from you and transmits calmness through a kiss, hug or a caress.

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1.- Pisces

Without a doubt, Pisces is a sign to close with a flourish, because when they are loving they do so without fear. They have a very sweet side to seeing things and it shows in every show of affection. The zodiac sign that honors idealization, love and romance. A water sign, which when it comes to something emotional puts itself in your place, is the one who gives you that spiritual and very real tranquility. Pisces gives her heart, she is complacent and she transmits her good energy to you. It is a sign that wastes protection in each of its hugs.


The 5 Signs That Fill You With Kisses, Causes And Hugs

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