The 5 most jealous zodiac signs

Most people know how to curb their jealousy, but sometimes it’s just stronger than us. Jealousy always arises somehow, with or without an objective reason.

Oh, jealousy is not the most pleasant feeling, either for whoever feels it or whoever it is directed at.

Of course, it’s understandable if our partner is a serial adulterer, but sometimes there is no need to be jealous, it’s just about ourselves, our feelings of insecurity, ego, possessiveness.

Of course, not all Scorpios are sickly jealous, nor are all Pisces full of forgiveness, but some typical jealous outbreaks are likely to be seen on each zodiac sign. Here is a zodiac list of the five most jealous zodiac signs, ranked from least to jealous.

5. Aries

As for Aries partners, everyone should keep their hands off them. This zodiac sign can show territorial and combative tendencies. Aries is extremely jealous and would simply destroy anyone who dares to disrupt their relationship.

You cannot act indifferently in such situations and would likely get jealous for no reason. If you want to provoke someone who is jealous then Aries is the person for you.

Aries jealousy doesn’t necessarily destroy their relationship. When an Aries partner is committed to a relationship, he or she should be loyal and considerate. Jealousy grows when one of the partners tries to flirt with someone else.

Everyone has the right to show jealousy when they feel betrayed. However, sometimes jealousy is not based on facts and this can ruin a relationship. Do not think that you will live with Aries like in “la vie en rose”.

Things are not like that at all because Aries can be possessive. It should be remembered that this zodiac sign is ruled by Mars and that it is the first sign in the zodiac.

How can Aries use this to his advantage:

This fire sign likes to stand out from the crowd. But there is enough space in the world for everyone to reach their greatest potential. Instead of focusing his restless energy on jealousy, he must redirect it to a more valuable goal. For example, to work on implementing the changes the world urgently needs now?

Find something that ignites your inner firepower. When you are working towards an important goal with others, you want everyone to be successful.

4. Cancer

These fearful and sensitive people often suffer from jealousy but hide it from others. Like other negative emotions, they suppress jealousy and let it eat you up a little.

Filled with their deep personal relationships, Watermarks fear anything that threatens their interpersonal relationships. Now, if your best friends spend all of their free time with someone they met in training, Cancer is likely to be jealous of that relationship.

Does she still care about you? Are you being replaced Under their tough outer shell, cosmic crabs are incredibly sensitive and easily feel threatened. Since you long for security and stability, you’ll want to bring your friends and family back to your circle when they get lost.

How can crabs use this to their advantage?

Cancers live in their emotional realm. Although you are tempted to keep all your fears and insecurities to yourself, it is better to let these emotional rivers flow, and not fill and overflow them. Their greatest virtue is the marginal psychological emotional intelligence they possess.

Instead of feeling insecure about new acquaintances of their loved ones, Cancers should use their big hearts to tell their friends how much they value their friendship. Thus, Cancers will reject their passive aggression.

3. Leo

Passionate Lions love with a full heart and without figs in their pockets. In return, they expect the same thing – unconditional love and full devotion. His loved one should think of him tirelessly and publicly confess constant love to him.

Royal Lions do not allow themselves the behavior of a jealous person. But if someone tries to reach for something that is theirs, they will be ruthless. They show jealousy with the bestial rage inherent in it. They show jealousy with the bestial rage inherent in it.

The chosen ones of the lion should completely surrender to her and not notice anyone around them. It is the only relationship format Leo allows. The angry lion’s jealousy will pretty much ruin his life. All his composure and discretion is lost in his fit of jealousy.

How can Leos use this to their advantage?

If a Leo feels that someone has been working behind their back, at first they will not forgive themselves for not finding out in time, and then they will not forgive their partner.

Leo is all about the question of honor, which he considers inviolable. Confession is a cure for Leo, and grief for the attention given to others does not help.

Instead, let them reach out to their loved ones to make them feel more important. This is where Leo gets the attention he desperately needs and improves his relationships with family and good old friends.

2. Scorpio

This fact is not surprising because, for the most part, they are extremely possessive when it comes to love. Scorpios are the best example of extreme jealousy and shame in public.

You just can’t control this feeling and just thinking about your partner being unfaithful you lose control of yourself and don’t shrink from the consequences.

So it’s not just about harmless jealousy that triggers a burning feeling in your stomach, but about a really straightforward war game made up of passion, excitement, intrigue and jealousy scenes.

For them, jealousy is sometimes an aphrodisiac because they have an incredible attraction for the person they are with as soon as they think there is a third person between them.

As practice shows, scorpions are so theatrical that they very often make a scene like in love films, and even more extreme.

How can Scorpio use this to his advantage?

Rather than imagining the worst-case scenario, Scorpios should use their vivid imagination.

Imagine how fantastic things happen in your favor, such as how your friends praise you when you are not there, or how your entrepreneurial idea is successful in the market.

When Scorpios can no longer control their jealousy, should they embrace the best? Who knows, maybe this will become a reality.

1. Taurus

When it comes to bulls, they are too protective and therefore jealous with an air of possessiveness. It becomes a very powerful and dangerous cocktail that is not easy to handle.

This is because Taurus are terribly happy to take on anything and consider it their property, even humans, and therefore have difficulty accepting the fact that something is or may not be theirs.

In almost a second, a feeling of jealousy overwhelms them when they think that someone is trying to take something that is theirs away from them.

Taurus respond when they are jealous in two ways. They will either make a crisis or just cautiously suspect and watch their partners. Sometimes their jealousy can lead to a breakup.

All attempts to dissuade a person born under the sign of Taurus, if he succumbs to his faith and indulges in jealousy, are in vain.

Taurus, on the other hand, are extremely loyal people. They let themselves be guided by the fact that they will not allow anyone to touch or look at anything that is theirs, but neither will they see or touch anything that belongs to another person. So without flirting, sharing and Co. – only fair play .

How can Taurus overcome its jealousy?

Taurus should speak openly and honestly about their jealousy with their partner. You need to tell how you feel and point out the reason why you feel that way.

Understanding and sharing emotions with your partner can help reduce jealousy or even resolve that negative feeling completely. Clear communication about the relationship can help Taurus solve or prevent a lot of problems.


The 5 most jealous zodiac signs

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