Cancer is not afraid to come into contact with any emotion.
His tenacious personality is generally of high quality, but sometimes it can turn into competitiveness.
Whenever she enters into one of her moods, whether it is because she has not succeeded or because she is simply overloaded with emotion, she can dramatically get over her and start acting like a total princess. It is best to bring it back to reality when this happens.


The lion is the queen of dramatic queens if there ever was one.
She enjoys being the centre of attention and has high standards in life, which means that she knows she deserves the best. However, there is a difference between being passionate and dramatic, which Lion has not yet understood.
If you ever want to know what would happen if Lion failed, all you would have to do would be to look at toddlers and tiaras for a good idea.
She can become arrogant and selfish, doing just about everything about her. But if you don’t give her what she wants, she will calm down … eventually.


“Passion” is the middle name of Scorpio, and this passion can take many forms.
Usually, she is the most passionate about life and Love, but there are times when this passion can manifest in something bigger. As an already assertive person, few are surprised when Scorpio starts to get a little emotional and aggressive when he is upset.
That said, anyone who is too close to them when they are really upset should take cover. When Scorpio gets angry, his anger turns into something too dramatic and it can turn violent. Instead of reasoning with her, it’s best to wait until the storm passes.


Sagittarius has an enthusiastic view of life, so when it begins to act dramatically, it is generally not associated with any negativity.
That said, just because she isn’t upset doesn’t mean you won’t be hurt by what she says. Sagittarius can be pretty brutal when she wants to be, but more than that, she’s a big talker, which always gets her in trouble.
Whenever she wants things to go as she pleases, she says everything she can to make the other happy, no matter what it is. Even if it means making yourself look dramatic and theatrical, she will do what she has to achieve her ends.
It can be difficult to stick with your weapons around Sagittarius, but it’s important to try to make sense of it when trying to embellish things.


Aquarius doesn’t seem to be the kind of person to get dramatic about anything, with her attitude always cold and indifferent, but that’s exactly what makes her a queen of drama.
Going out of her way to stay detached and pretending she doesn’t care makes it more obvious that she’s running away from something. She does not try to put herself forward, but her emotions are often capricious, which makes it impossible to know when she will crack.
When it does, however, it can get melodramatic – quickly. Aquarius will calm down once she knows she’s not getting angry for anything, so take the time to hear what she’s trying to say; it is not dramatic without reason.


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