The 5 main reasons why men love women who are hard to get

Every woman has a sketch of a “real man” in her head, someone she would like to go out with.

More than a perfect man, they are looking for a man who is like a real man.

Some men consider themselves a real man that all women want. So these men are not the ones girls are looking for.

On the other hand, some men underestimate themselves and think that they do not fall into the category of real men. Both of their thoughts could be wrong and can be reversed.

It is not easy to see if a man is really the man a woman is looking for or if he is someone wearing a real man’s mask and the opposite of the ideal / real man’s idea.

You can only find out whether someone is a real man or not by observing their actions. Real men are different from Playboys, who meet women for fun.

Her behavior distinguishes her from untrustworthy boys that women meet every now and then.

A real man is real in everything he does, and his kindness will make you fall in love with him.

You can’t just ignore the real men, while the men who face them will irritate you in a few meetings.

Here are some striking traits we should all consider before labeling someone a real man, because they are a must as part of his personality:

1. A real man loves and respects his wife for what she is

A real man will never want his girl to change his character.

He will appreciate and appreciate her as she is. He will accept her darkness, her madness and all the kindness that she carries.

He will love her not only for her physical beauty, but also for her mind and soul. Materialistic things don’t matter to him.

He treats her like a lady, gives her the respect and respect she deserves. He doesn’t mind making her feel special.

He will enjoy cooking for her and he will make her unique in every possible way by making small efforts that will mean a lot to her.

2. A real man is fully committed to the relationship

Unlike men, whose intentions are to fool around and not fully engage in their relationship, real men sincerely engage in a relationship.

They are proud to introduce their partners to the important people in their lives. You will not hide your lover.

You will make every effort to maintain the relationship and make it stronger. He will remain loyal to his girl. He will not wander around and satisfy his lust.

He will find all his happiness in the girl to whom he will confide. He will not allow his desires to fall on him, and he will remain loyal to his companion.

In this world in which fidelity appears like climbing a mountain, he will climb it very quickly and effortlessly.

3. A real man steps forward and makes the difficult decisions

A real man will not shy away from making tough decisions. He will fearlessly take risks and stand by them.

He will accept and consider his partner’s opinion and advice before making a serious decision.

He doesn’t want to get all the fame for a particular step. Instead, he wants to improve the situation for both sides.

His main concern will be to take care of his girl and make sure that she feels separated from his important events in life.

He will listen to her and, if necessary, include her opinion in his decision-making process.

Women don’t like indecisive men and they want them to take responsibility in critical situations that come their way.

4. A real man always says his opinion

real men will make sure they speak their minds. They won’t like agreeing to everything their partner says.

They have their personality, their thoughts and ideas and they would want to hold on to them.

They will be honest with you and may disagree with you.

He’ll find it better to argue or debate about things than to lose control and hit his girl.

5. A real man has other passions

The guys who put girls at the center and leave all other desires behind are not real men.

A real man will reconcile his love life and other passions that contribute to his happiness. He will make sure you have your freedom and he will have his own.

He will believe that his relationship should not be the only thing that defines him. He should be known for his passions and other interests. That makes his personality unique and attractive.


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