1. Leo


As a Lion, you were already born under a lucky star, you are fortunate not to have to work so hard to get what you want.

For you, all the blessings of life come naturally.

2019 has been a pretty successful year for you, but 2020 will make your head spin.

All your wildest dreams will come true and you will finally find someone with whom you can see your future.

Relationships with friends and family will be perfect and your business/career will flourish especially around the middle of the year.

You will be satisfied with all that you have accomplished and this feeling will push you to continue as impeccably as before.

Bravo, the Lion!

2. Sagittarius


If happiness did not find you in 2019, you will certainly find it in 2020.

Your adventurous spirit and the strong adrenaline that moves you will take you to places you never dreamed of.

You will meet people who will change your outlook on life and you will realize that happiness is about small things.

You’ll be a little lazy at work, but things will always go in your favor.

You will pay more attention to your family because you will begin to realize that you should be enjoying every second with them.

In 2019, you may not have been able to achieve some of your dreams, but 2020 will certainly put you on the right track and allow you to achieve them.

3. Virgo


2019 was not everything you expected, but your luck will improve in 2020.

You will open your heart more to the people who have always been there for you.

You will see that with the right people around you, life can really be perfect.

If you decide to ask yourself, 2020 will offer you a good chance of meeting your soul mate.

Most things you started in 2019, will be completed successfully in 2020
You will be proud of yourself for all that you have managed to do without the help of anyone, and with this feeling of independence, you will enter 2020 as the luckiest person in the world.

4. Scorpion


Hey Scorpio, maybe 2019 was not your year but 2020 will make all your dreams come true.

We know you are looking for someone to hang out with, so don’t be surprised if you find exactly that person!

You will end up getting rid of all the toxicity in your life and you will put yourself in the foreground.

You will realize that you have given a lot of yourself to the wrong people and you will finally put an end to it all.

2020 will bring you the joy and happiness you never knew existed, and you will be so full of inner peace and happiness that this time luck will be on your side!


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