The 4 Most Closed Zodiac Signs And The Reason Why They Protect Your Soul

The 4 Most Closed Zodiac Signs And The Reason Why They Protect Your Soul

There are certain people who express themselves like an open book, while others are closed and private in everything they do.

They want interaction with others, but they are also careful about how they go about it and how much they reveal.

Because for them their emotions are their weakness and they don’t want others to perceive them in this way.

Either out of fear of being judged, taken for granted or simply being demoralized as a person.

The fact is that emotions are an integral part of our existence and functioning.

For example, the emotion of fear can be very uncomfortable, but it can also be very useful as its function is to warn us that we are in danger.

Still, a person who is very closed off will always experience expressing emotions as something risky and dangerous.

As well as something that will have long-term consequences for their life and reputation.

So they hide it in a way that is only familiar to them and try to live their life as if they didn’t have it.

That is their curse, but also their attraction because many would like to know what such people think.

So based on your zodiac sign, you may find yourself very closed and trying to hide your deepest feelings forever.

1. Virgo

The zodiac sign Virgo may look for admiration and praise similar to the zodiac sign Leo, but they are more than private.

These individuals carefully filter out all of their emotions from the information they are willing to give to the public, while always trying to maintain a good image.

Because of this tendency, people generally have a high opinion of them but know very little to nothing about them.

Simply because they don’t want to put themselves in a position where others can judge them or treat them disrespectfully.

Plus, they never want others to know how much their opinions and actions affect them.

As soon as someone treats them badly and offends them, they feel like they gave them a reason to do so and feel bad about it.

So they soak up any kind of negativity like a sponge and, for their protection, behave as if they were colder than winter.

This makes them look like a ram, although in reality they only have a fictional wall that protects all their inner fragility.

2. Scorpio

The zodiac sign Scorpio always protects its deepest emotions and only allows those to come to the surface that is acceptable.

While many wild, lustful, and even abnormal ideas arise in his head and want to become part of his reality.

So he is always in conflict with these deep and dark desires that keep him awake at night and enable him to be judged.

Vivid fantasies torment his soul and sometimes he just wishes to share them with at least one soul, but he doesn’t because they will judge them.

This is their worst nightmare and their greatest fear of being betrayed and betrayed by the person to whom they entrusted everything.

So that this does not happen and others do not see their true nature, they only ever show a piece of their enormously complex self.

But even if you gain trust and reveal something, there are still certain aspects that you keep to yourself.

This is exactly why others are afraid of the Scorpio, but at the same time feel immensely attracted to it, because it is simply fascinated by the mysterious veil that it wears.

3. Aquarius

The zodiac sign Aquarius never wants to appear desperate, weak and pathetic in the eyes of others, which is why they are absolutely reserved with their feelings.

They don’t want anyone to know what they are feeling and are therefore the most closed sign of the whole zodiac.

Plus, this absolute control over their emotions allows them to be in charge and not be influenced by people who can take advantage of them.

There is nothing worse for them than being fooled, and what better way to stop them than to be undisturbed.

Therefore, these people often seem as if nothing can harm them, when in reality this is far from the truth.

The constant isolation of their feelings makes them very bitter people and often too lonely.

For this reason, he often keeps feelings a secret, even if he has a lot in him that needs to be expressed.

Because he knows that once said, things cannot be taken back, along with the respect he longs for.

4. Pisces

The zodiac sign Pisces is the most unemotional after Aquarius, but for a practical reason.

Because this zodiac sign has the gentlest and most accepting aura, many feel that they can treat them however they want.

Since their love is so deep, it’s almost as if others have consented to use them as whipping boys.

While this is not always the case, many people take a fish for granted only to find that they have lost a very valuable and rare person.

Even if a Pisces person leaves, it is because of the pain you caused them, because they hoped you would never, but you betrayed their trust.

Pisces never reveal their true feelings, mostly because of this excruciating pain and past experiences.

Even if they did and you betrayed them, they will also reassure you that they never loved you, making you wonder if you ever really knew them.

Therefore, for a moment, they will seem like a completely different person and you will begin to see that, in fact, you never had the chance to really get to know them because you didn’t deserve it.


The 4 Most Closed Zodiac Signs And The Reason Why They Protect Your Soul

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