It is not your fault that you are unable to keep a secret: it is because of your sign! 

Well, not quite, but some signs have the annoying tendency to open their doors when they are told their secret. What do you want, it is the stars who decide!  

Want to know if the person you want to tell a secret is trustworthy? Start by identifying if he was born under one of these signs.  

4. Aries

As we know, Aries is hyper-impulsive. He can therefore sometimes, inadvertently, escape on subjects that he should not have. But if you are very close to an Aries, he will do everything to control this impulse to open the hatch, to preserve you.   


3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius lives in the present moment, always has new projects and is SUPER volatile. So a secret is never safe with him, because he loves to share everything with everyone … including crisp gossip about you!   


2. Aquarius:

Aquarius is not the right person to tell a secret, because most of the time, he listens to conversations halfway. Being a fairly egocentric sign and focused on his performance at work, he will not hesitate to “spill the tea” and reveal your secrets if it can help him in his career.   


1. Gemini :

What do you want, Gemini is the sign that loves gossip the most! As soon as they have a crispy bite, they do not hesitate to divulge it to their circle of friends, usually very large. Let’s say that Gemini is very entertaining to be around, but it is sometimes at the expense of others (and their darkest secrets!)  


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