Would you like to prepare for the weekend and know whether you will be unlucky according to the horoscope? Then read on here!

Take a look at our horoscope and find out more!

Let’s be honest: sometimes it’s just better to know beforehand what to expect! Because then we can prepare ourselves much better for the events and possibly even counteract them. And that’s exactly why we wrote this horoscope. Here we explain which zodiac signs have a little bit of bad luck on the weekend. If you find your zodiac sign in the picture gallery below, you can react immediately.

How are the stars now in the horoscope?

The constellations in the sky are currently as follows:

  • The sun is in Leo until Saturday and then changes to Virgo ( here you can see who is benefiting from the season change )
  • The moon is in Capricorn on Saturday and becomes the full moon in Aquarius on Sunday ( read more about the Aquarius full moon here )
  • Mercury and Mars are in the Virgo zodiac sign
  • Venus is now in Libra ( here you can find out who is therefore lucky in love )
  • The planet of happiness Jupiter is under the zodiac sign Aquarius

At the weekend: 3 zodiac signs are unlucky!

Sagittarius: Dear Sagittarius, you should definitely take a break at the weekend. “But I have so much to do!” – if that is your reaction, then you should take the time out just mentioned even more. Write down a to-do list and sort it according to priority! The things that are not quite so important can wait. Make sure you take care of yourself and your mental health now – otherwise it could lead to a breakdown!

Leo: Lions should also take a break this weekend. The world out there will keep turning even without you! Me-time is now the order of the day. Just take care of yourself and your needs. Take a bath and put a face mask on your face. Take a deep breath! So you survive every streak of bad luck with dignity – as it should be for a queen!

Aries: Dear Aries-born, it is really not easy for you at the moment. You are constantly offending with your direct nature and are severely criticized or even marginalized by others for it. Try to deal with other people as little as possible this weekend. Just lock yourself in at home, read a book, do yoga or listen to music. Everything that is good for you is allowed!

We wish you a lot of strength and stamina. You can do it!





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